Top 10 Badminton coaching institutes in Kolkata

Badminton is the 2nd most played sport in india after cricket. It is managed by Badminton association of india. The sports are not only for physical fitness but one can develop a successful career in the same. Students who are interested or having a talent for a game must apply for trainings or coaching Institutes to develop and upgrade their skills. Badminton world federation (BWF) is the highest governing body who conduct various tournaments by aiming a fair play. As the National health service in UK recommend badminton as part of the patient’s health recovery. The Badminton sport improve the confidence and self-esteem in students. It also encourage the team work and awareness among players .

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The game require a huge attention, so by this way it automatically enhance focusing or concentration level in a child or student to greater extent. Social interaction always improve by participating in sports. It is scientifically proved that badminton sport increase the level of endorphins in our body which is a good neurotransmitter and give feeling of satisfaction and happiness. People active in badminton sport having good cardiovascular strength and neurohumoral response in body.

So this sport should be encouraged in students. So there are many Institute which act as platform for students to excel in Badminton. The followings are top 10 coaching institutes of Badminton in Kolkata .

List of Top Badminton Coaching Institutes in Kolkata

1. Bengal Badminton Academy
It is registered trust Under rule 21 of west Bengal registration rules.
The sole purpose of this academy to revive and promote badminton in all state.
It has permanent training facility with international standards.
Indoor stadium complex provides 6B courts, multi Gym, 500 seating gallery and locker rooms.
Academy host number of Badminton tournaments and state Badminton championship.
It also conduct coaching camps and clinics for aspiring players.
Also provide scholarship to brilliant players.
Address – Mansarowar, 3B, camac street, Kolkata, west Bengal
Phone – +91 3322172007
Email –
2.Badminton Coaching Centre Bhairab Ganguly College
It is a sport complex in Kolkata.
A wonderful platform for players to enhance their skills and techniques in Badminton.
Address- 2, Feeder Road, Belghoria, Kolkata, 700056
Phone- (033) 25643191
3. Akash Badminton Academy (charter school in Kolkata)
It is international standard synthetic Badminton court.
It provides best training and guidance for students.
They trained students in proper way with basic understanding of techniques.
They also provides NIS ( National Institute of sport) Sports Authority of India.
They have both week days and week end classes.
Coaching for kids, men and  women.
Address – Gobinda Barrack, Barasat, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700124
Phone – 09748021623
4. SAI Badminton Academy/Court
Address- KA Block, sector lll, Bidhannaga, Kolkata, west Bengal, 700010
Phone – 09681333421
5. Piyush shukla : Badminton Academy in South Kolkata/North Kolkata
They give proper guidance and best coaching.
Address – 151, Jodhpur garden, Lake garden, Kolkata, west Bengal, 700045
6. Sportykid
They guve multiple sport training program for kids.
They have scientifically designed training programme.
They helps in boosting social and team skills in developing stage of kids.
It is a wonderful platform of knowledge.
Address- kalipark, Bbdatala, Rajarhat, Kolkata, 700130
Phone – 987459031
Email – [email protected]
7.Ace Bengal Badminton Academy
It is professional Badminton centre for beginners and elite players.
It is mostly dedicated for players who plays as beginner, in state, national and international level.
Their facilities include organizational staff, excellent wooden courts, assistant coaches, physical trainers, modernized gymnasium.
They 5 training centers, 20 coaches and more than 200 players.
Address – orient Row, Beniapukur,  Kolkata, west Bengal, 700017
Phone – 07980638118
8. Milan Sangha Badminton Academy
It is a Badminton club in Kolkata
Address – 192, Charu chandra PIE, lake garden, Kolkata, 700033
Phone – 09231528898
9. Raipur Kolkatab: Dura puja organiser in Kolkata
It is a sport and cultural club.
They provide facilities for nature of youth, including sports activities – football, badminton, cricket.
They develop players psychological strong and teach through competition to prepare them for challenges.
Badminton is state level.
Address- 62, Raipur, Garia, Kolkata, 700084
Email- [email protected]
Phone- 6290936948
10. MERA Kolkata, Badminton court
Address- CPT colony Taratata, Kolkata, 700088

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