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Every day is a new opportunity for the one who seeks enlightenment. Like every other students who passes 12th board exam, you are also keen about applying for NEET exam. Every year lakhs and lakhs of students stand up in the queue for writing NEET exam. National Eligibility cum Entrance Exam (NEET) is no less that climbing Himalayas. Yes, it is one of the toughest exams in India. In order to become a successful doctor, one needs to become a successful student. The huge number of candidates writing NEET every year increases at a constant rate.

Well, talking about NEET, we often shift our minds to, is coaching necessary? Where do I go for coaching? Which is the best coaching institute in your place or India? No need to worry on this because we have the answers to your questions. An exam like NEET, it is important for students to go for coaching. Let me put it this way. Students passing out of 12th is not acquainted with any type of competitive exam, especially NEET. Board exams and class exams are a totally different category. Without coaching it becomes difficult to take up exams like this because time management and tricks is the secret to it.

These are the list of best NEET coaching centres.

Following are the list of top coaching institutes for NEET preparation. As it says, Rome was not built in a day. Moreover it is impossible to acquire things in a day and because of this you need to start from scratch. Starting from scratch requires patience and will power so as to shape yourself.



Voyage of Aakash started in 1988 under the guidance of J.C. Chaudhry. Mission of the institute is to guide students who are in need of persistent caring and showing path to education. He started this firm to help students crack  examinations of Medical and Engineering. The institute has experience of more than twenty five years. Every year around 1,50,000 students or more study there seeking guidance. During the year 2017, strength of 53,842 students qualified for NEET. The first NEET exam in 2013, 27,260 students were qualified then. For more details visit the website given below.


Allen Institute was found in the year 1988 by Sri Rajesh Maheshwari. During the starting of the centre, only eight students were there. As everything starts from scratch, so did they. Though because of low ratio of students in the beginning of years, it wasn’t a problem then because right now it is one among top coaching institute. At present the strength lies in 7.5 lakhs. The institute has twenty eight years of experience in this field. During 2017, 54,235 students qualified for NEET exam. For more details check this website.


Pramod Maheshwari is the founder of the institute makes sure that every student in the coaching is provided the best facility.  Started in 1993, it is the best medical coaching centre opted for more than 25,000 students every year. About 5078 students have qualified for NEET in the recent years. For more details please check out this website.



It was founded by R.K. Verma in 2001. He is an alumnus of IIT-Madras whose mission was to provide a masterpiece for tomorrows’s leaders through top coaching experience. About 2975 students were qualified for 2017 NEET UG exam. For more details visit the website here.


Every year a good number of students appear for NEET UG from this institute. It was started in KOTA RAJASTHAN by a team of highly motivated individual. Their aim is to provide quality coaching to students who wish to crack NEET (AIMPT) exams. And because of this strategy, the institute has a success rate of 2000 plus students. Check out their website here to know more.

6. Meditech

With 1000 plus students making their way towards NEET qualification, this institute stands at the peak of top NEET coaching centres. The main agenda of the institute is providing quality medical coaching. Below is the link to their website.


With the help of technology, this institute provides coaching through online medium. This coaching is best for the ones who find it easy method of online teaching and studying. Even during pandemic, students need not worry about coaching because it is online. Check out their official website.

Wishing the best for the young minds for a better tomorrow.

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