• What Is IIT-JEE Exam All About

IIT-JEE exam is a big barrier, you would have to break it down in order to join the most prestigious Engineering Colleges in India, the IIT’s, NIT’s, IIIT’s and also various other  Engineering colleges, that consider the same exam, as a criteria, to get admission into their college.

A fact has been noted that, every year approximately 12 lakh engineering life dreamers, register themselves for the prestigious Indian Engineering exam, IIT- JEE( Indian Institute of Technology- Joint Entrance Examination). But only out of these 12 lakh candidates, closely 2 lakh qualify for the upcoming bigger barrier, named JEE ADVANCE exam.

Out of the rough figure of 2 lakh students, who made it through the first exam and qualified for the next one, only around 11,000, get the seat in these highly reputed engineering institutions. To what data I have mined, there are figuratively 23 IIT colleges and 31 NIT(National Institute Of Technology) college in India.

The qualifications is purely based on the marks you score in the given exam. Only drawback of the selection process is, the minimum marks to score in the exam, depends on the caste that you belong to.
The qualification of the exam also depends on some indirect things such as, the question pattern, the marking scheme, the number of students appearing for the exam, and also based on the vacancy in the prestigious Engineering institutions.

NIT’s and IIIT’s Institutes are the very preceding engineering universities in India after worldly renowned IIT’s. To join any NIT College, you need to score marks and cross the cut-off, they expect, in the JEE-MAINS paper only. Even though to get into a better NIT’s, you can give and try to qualify the JEE ADVANCE paper too.

• How Important Are IIT-JEE Coaching Institutes

The IIT-JEE Coaching Institutes plays a very crucial role in the students preparation for the exam. Most students or I can say almost all the students, who qualify the exam are those  who were preparing for the exam under the guidance of a coaching institute.

The reason why you need to join a coaching institute if you are preparing for such competitive exam is quite simple and sensible

• The Learning Atmosphere

Students learn better when they are under the optimistic and energizing surrounding. The atmosphere at the coaching institute let’s student to open their minds and ask questions to the teachers, which lets them understand the concepts better. A friendly environment and a healthy competition between the peers at the coaching institute, helps you progress better in the preparation of oneself.

• Meticulous Setting Of Schedule

Most coaching institutes already set the schedule of classes for the year, and follow it with a maximum discipline. The classes are set in such a way, that helps students to learn from their previous classes and apply the concept to the upcoming concepts. This way of teaching is extremely beneficial and also helps students to understand and remember the concepts better than any other way.

• Mock Tests And Result

The best way to learn about any exam and get better at it is, by taking up the exam repeatedly. The coaching institutes offer or rather force students to take up the fake tests they set every week or alternative days, which can either target a particular concept or a topic, or a bulk of topics. This pushes the students out of their limited boundaries and help them think beyond the limits.
The coaching institute provides the results when they are ready to ve provided, the look at the results helps students to analyse themselves, and get better at the topics by clearing their doubts.

There are few more very valid good points about coaching institutes one cannot say no to. But I won’t be listing all the good points, you can look on various other articles related to it and make up your decision about joining a coaching Institute.

Top IIT-JEE Coaching Institutes In Mumbai

First In The List Of Top IIT-JEE Coaching Institutes In Mumbai Is

1) Vidyalankar Classes

• The Coaching Institute enables students to learn and understand the topics better with their insightful examine material.

• Doubt removal sessions are available, after each class, as a way to clean the doubts of the scholars, who failed to get the topic, in the course of the teaching session hour.

• The coaching institute lecturers are very pleasant and continually prepared to have interaction with the understudies, to help them to apprehend the subjects better and easier.

• Regular assessments and evaluation are given to the scholars, to develop them with their know-how at the syllabus.

Contact Details –

Contact Number: 2242322200
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.vidyalankar.org
Address: Ishan Arcade II, 3rd Floor, Gokhale Rd, opposite Hanuman Mandir, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra 400602

Second In The List Of Top IIT-JEE Coaching Institutes In Mumbai Is

2) IITian’s PACE

• The college individuals are higly skilled and experienced, they respond withinside the path of college students evaluations and interests, which makes the training interactive and student friendly.

• The value of the complete course, is quite reasonable , with none compromises withinside the coaching process.

• The institute constantly attempt in presenting the top-notch coaching to the understudies.

• The coaching Institute mentors are constantly ready to guide the students with their doubts and help them grow towards the grow better in their knowledge of their preparation.

Contact Details –

Contact Number: 2224363713
Website: https://iitianspace.com
Address: Plot no 446, Opp. Sharda Ashram Society, Near Central Bank of India, Off Bhavani Shankar Road, Dadar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400028

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