Why to choose sociology optional for UPSC

Why Sociology Optional
When it comes to the favorite optional of upsc Aspirants it is majorly a Sociology subject. It is a popular saying that the syllabus of sociology is very crispy and easy to understand, however, I believe any subject becomes easy and scoring with the right efforts and strategy.Every topper has their own journey, someone else’s optional will not determine someone else’s victory.

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Thus, one must focus on comprehending the subject matter of the discipline and demand of its various topics.

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Strategies to prepare for UPSC CSE Sociology

● From topic one of Paper 1 that is Modernity, social changes and emergence of Sociology to Paper 2, Social Change in India, syllabus are interconnected and overlapping. ● It helps aspirants in other papers also, be it essay or Ethics.
● Gs paper one has whole complete section on Indian Society that will be covered in sociology optional
● It will help to develop critical perspective
● It will help in understanding diversity
● The Candidate with Science or Social Science background would be familiar with some of the basic concepts of sociology Such as family, religion etc
● Throughout the syllabus aspirants must link from different chapters. For example, Theory of Stratification in Chapter 5 is linked to chapter 2. Chapter 7 politics and society,discusses sociological theories.
● Sociology Paper 2 focuses on Indian Society. In this paper, as you write your answers, make sure to provide a few relevant and current facts figures, case studies etc ● Make sure your answer is multidimensional. For this, when preparing a topic, make sure to include different aspects and perspectives on the topic. For example, environmental movements in India also have a social angle (women and children issue, tribal issue, etc.)
In sociology, because of its nature which focuses on subjective and objective understanding of the social world, writing answers becomes very important. It’s not like math or chemistry where you can write down exact, exact answers. Here, you have to first write an introduction to the topic, create a background, then talk about the problem posed, give specific examples, relate it to thinkers/schools of thought, critique comments, and finally, draw a suitable conclusion. Now, this requires practice writing answers.

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