Vali Rameshwar’s Rangarya IAS Academy In Hyderabad Reviews

Vali Rameshwar’s Rangarya IAS Academy In Hyderabad Reviews

Courses provided by Vali Rameshwar’s Rangarya IAS Academy

Preliminary exam preparation:

Preparation of paper – I

Preparation of paper – II

Main exam preparation:

  • General Studies (compulsory subject)
  • Ethics (compulsory subject)
  • Essay (compulsory subject)
  • Sociology (optional subject)
  • Teulgu Literature (optional subject)
  • Anthropology (optional subject)
  • Public Administration (optional subject)
  • Mathematics (optional subject)
  • Geography (optional subject)
  • History (optional subject)
  • Agriculture (Optional Subject)
  • Kannada Literature (Optional Subject)
  • Political Science (Optional Subject)

General Studies without Optional with GST of 18 percent

Facilities provided by Vali Rameshwar’s Rangarya IAS Academy

Facilities and benefits of Vali Rameshwar’s Rangarya IAS Academy , The institute follow the fact that good and quality faculty with thorough knowledge in their subject is the backbone of any first-class.

Faculties ensures Regular update of current notes on contemporary events and analysis of news from geographical point of view especially for handling part B of both papers.

Test series, answer writing and diagram practice are conducted.

Pin pointed class notes are given for quick revision of the candidates.

Unit wise tests and Grand Tests are conducted by the Vali Rameshwar’s Rangarya IAS Academy.

Foundation Lectures are given by faculties of the institute for better understanding and also to Sharpen Basics of the candidate.

Especially Designed Study Material by the specialised faculties maintains the level and standard and quality of the materials provided.

Frequent class test of both type of subjective as well as Multiple Choice questions that is objective type are conducted by the institute.

Module-based Simulated Tests are conducted and Home Assignments are provided by the institutes.

Intensive Writing Skill and Development Sessions are conducted to improve the skills and speed of the candidate.

Simplified explanation of theories and concepts is done by the faculties for better understanding.

Regular audio visual presentation is also shown for better explanation.

Intensive answer writing skill development sessions are conducted by in order to practice the candidate for examination and to increase speed of the candidate.

Faculties of Vali Rameshwar’s Rangarya IAS Academy ensures that Extensive and exclusive Mains answer Writing Practice sessions are held.

Comprehensive Test Series covering entire syllabus are conducted by the institute.

There will be section-wise, subject-wise analysis and evaluation of performance of the candidate in each test. This helps the candidate, acknowledge that where the candidate need to put extra efforts to prepare well for his/ her weakest areas.

Doubts & psychological analysis and evaluation would be addressed under doubt clearing scheme.

Coaching in Vali Rameshwar’s Rangarya IAS Academy involves teaching techniques of intelligent preparation, imparting knowledge through lectures and study material, tests, evaluation, suggestions, etc.

Preliminary exam preparation strategy of Vali Rameshwar’s Rangarya IAS Academy. The standard and difficulty level of some questions of preliminary examination is high and also some of the choices given are very close which make the task of choosing a correct answer very difficult. To tackle this type of problems and other problems related to understanding of subject matter, Vali Rameshwar’s Rangarya IAS Academy conduct lectures aimed at imparting necessary techniques and information along with objective type tests. Regarding Paper-II of Preliminary exam preparation, Vali Rameshwar’s Rangarya IAS Academy explain to the candidates about the methods of tackling Comprehension, Decision Making, Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation, Basic Numeracy, etc.

Main exam preparation strategy of Vali Rameshwar’s Rangarya IAS Academy. Regarding the Main examination, we Vali Rameshwar’s Rangarya IAS Academy have learnt out of years of experience that most of the aspirants are worried more about information rather than organization without realizing that clear information though less in amount, gets more marks than more information which is ambiguous. This difference is due to clarity which is rare and also a deciding factor for section of the candidate. Clarity is specialty of  Vali Rameshwar’s Rangarya IAS Academy. How to develop clarity is explained during the process of coaching in the institute.

Regarding Essay, Vali Rameshwar’s Rangarya IAS Academy train their students in the method of writing an Essay so that they can write an essay on any topic.

Prelim – Cum – Main exam preparation strategy of Vali Rameshwar’s Rangarya IAS Academy. Unfortunately, the Civil Services Examination is so structured that students have more time for Prelim exam and less time for Main exam. In terms of importance and also quantum, Prelim requires less time as it is only an eligibility test, conducted for appearing at Main exam, and it has less syllabus. On the other side, the Main exam matters a lot in the ultimate selection of an aspirant. Main exam is more than 3 M.As courses and it is difficult to cover Main exam syllabus in about three months left after the announcement of Preliminary results. Hence, it is wise to commence preparation for the Civil Services Main Examination one year before the examination to increase the chances of selection.

Long Term Coaching of Vali Rameshwar’s Rangarya IAS Academy. Civil Services Long Term Coaching of Vali Rameshwar’s Rangarya IAS Academy involves orientation of a Civil Services aspirant while studying a degree course in terms of approach, information, clarity in thinking and writing, expression, personality development, etc.

The approach required for Civil Services Examination is different from other examinations as IAS aspirants has to acquire knowledge of his/her surroundings, physical as well as social, with a inquiring mind. An aspirant should have knowledge of many subjects such as Polity, Economy, Geography, Science, Society, History, Current Affairs, Sports and Games, much more . and it takes a lot of time to acquire knowledge of all these things. Secondly, good expression is essential for getting good marks in the Main Exam, particularly in the Essay paper, as well as in the Personality Test. Expression in any language cannot be developed immediately or in one month, it takes years to develop good expression and command over a language. Thirdly, Clarity in thinking and writing comes out of practice over a period of time under the guidance of good guides and it is provided by the faculties. Finally, Personality Test (Interview) also matters a lot for getting selected for I.A.S. because it carries 275 marks, to do well at the Personality Test, an aspirant has to overcome personality deficiencies which takes considerable time as ‘habits die hard’.

Contact details-

Address: AVM Towers, 4 th floor, near chutneys restaurant, Kukatpally Housing Board Colony, Hyderabad, Telangana 500072
Contact number: 092462 11058


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