Is Online coaching good for IAS?

The IAS exam is one of the most prestigious exams all over India. They are known to be one of the toughest exams and are not very easy to crack. But with right guidance and persistent hard work, it can be cracked. Though there are many students who are confused about the way of teaching or Coaching that they should choose. Candidates get confused between traditional way of coaching or online coaching a lot. In today’s world there are various number of sources through which you can acquire the kind of knowledge you want. And now a days you can get any information on any topic of the world with the help of internet within a few minutes. and there the concept of online coaching has come into existence.

Is Online coaching good for IAS

Especially in civil services examinations like UPSC and IAS the mode of your coaching plays an important role and it should be chosen in such a way that it puts you in a better position to learn. With the help of internet , the concept of online coaching has gained momentum and has a various number of advantages over traditional method of coaching. The times have changed and so is the society and hence people are choosing online coaching over traditional coaching for a few reasons. Now let us know how online coaching is gonna help you to achieve your dream of cracking the civil services exam. Here are some of the benefits of online coaching which will let you know why online coaching can be proved as a modern mode for training of such exams:
1. Convenient mode: There are candidates who are working to earn a living and they can’t give up their jobs. Hence If you are working and have a job and you are not in a position to leave your job then online coaching would suit the best for you as you can take classes whenever you want. There is no time and no place where you can take up the online classes. For example: You are having your job the whole day and you just get 1-2 hours spare, then this time can be utilised in online coaching.
2. Affordable: There is no denying fact that traditional coaching is costlier than online coaching. The best part of signing up for online coaching classes is that they are affordable. There are a number of candidates who cannot afford going to a coaching class and pay the heavy amount of fees there. Online coaching is an affordable choice over traditional coaching classes as the online lectures do not charge too much. This would be best suited for those who have their colleges/offices and are earning a living on their own. Time loss and money loss can be avoided and even if you get 1-2 hours a day can be utilised for the studies.
3. Accessibility:When the course is taken online, it just becomes like a recorder. You can have access to the same video lecture by the same faculty at whatever time you want and at whatever place you are easily. Therefore the accessibility factor makes you choose online coaching over others. Even if you have a slightest doubt you can rewatch the same video again and again till you are clear with the concept.
4.Self paced learning: The biggest advantage in the option of online learning is the self paced learning. Students can learn at their own pace and speed. They can also prepare their own time table and learning schedule that according to their learning speed and slowly start targeting there aims.
5. Comfort: There are many problems for a person when he moves from one city to another to pursue their coaching for competitive exams. Being away at home is difficult for some students as some of them are home sick and cannot concentrate on their studies. But with the help of online coaching these all the problems are at bay. Nothing can distract the students when they are getting coaching online as they can study from whenever and wherever they want. And being at home the mental support provided by the parents is also helpful to achieve their targets.
6. Flexible schedule: Some students are comfortable learning in the early morning whether some are comfortable learning at night. Traditional way of coaching like coaching classes have specific number of hours. But with the help of online coaching, students can acquire flexible schedule . They can make such study schedule that suits them. And with such online platforms, students can prepare from any part of the country at any time.
7. Ample resources for learning: There are ample number of resources while learning online. and one can watch the video lectures as much as they want till all the doubts are cleared. Also there are resources like ebooks for reference which students can refer and that makes online learning and training easier when compared to traditional way of going to a coaching class.
Final words:
So with the above number of benefits we discussed we can surely say that online coaching is an affordable and effective way of studying at home or at wherever place you are. and we all know that internet is now at the heart of our country and it is going to grow further so we can conclude that online coaching is here to stay and provide ample training to the students. Also online coaching is a better option when one chooses to learn at an affordable price and staying at home. online education is a flexible aspect and students can learn on face by developing their own study schedule. With the help of their innovative strategies they also can prepare there study plan and follow it accordingly. Geographical barriers for students cannot stop them from learning at particular Institute because of online coaching. Therefore online coaching is suitable for the students who wants to learn according to their own pace and plan.

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