IMPULSE IAS Coaching Kolkata Review

Impulse IAS Coaching Kolkata Reviews

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  • Good ias institute
  • good facilities

Impulse IAS Coaching in Kolkata offers a comprehensive program for UPSC aspirants, including classroom training available both online and offline. This institute began its mission in 2014, focusing on generating highly capable civil servants. Impulse IAS is recognized for its quality education and dedicated faculty members, who are committed researchers with years of teaching experience.

They provide a goal-oriented program along with regular assessments to track students’ progress. The institute prides itself on maintaining an excellent learning atmosphere, ensuring that students can study effectively.

IMPULSE IAS Coaching Kolkata

The facilities offered by Impulse IAS include integrated courses for Preliminary and Main exams, quizzes, daily current affairs content, one-on-one mentoring, and course compatibility with online and offline formats. The coaching center emphasizes individual attention by working with small groups of 15 students, allowing for personalized mentoring.


The fee structure for their comprehensive program, covering the Pre + Mains + Personality test, spans 8 to 10 months and costs Rs. 75,000. For optional subjects like PSIR, the duration is 5 to 6 months, with a fee of Rs. 40,000

Contact details

  • Service options: Online classes · On-site services
  • Address: 1/1B, 1st Floor, Hazra Rd, near Hazra, Xing, Kolkata, West Bengal 700026
  • Phone: 099035 82403

Impulse IAS has its presence online, offering various resources such as study materials, offline and online test series, course materials, preparation notes, and online sessions for a well-rounded preparation


impulse ias coaching kolkata review over all
impulse ias coaching kolkata review over all


Review Impulse IAS Coaching in Kolkata

Vidhi Jain

“I have been a part of this institute past 10 months and still continuing.Firstly, would like to mention about the faculty, Director Sir has been truly a guiding force among all the students .I personally believe he is not a teacher but more like a mentor and parent to all of us.The way of his teaching is really very commendable and enriching.I did not have any confidence in myself intially but through his motivation and encouragement i have been trying to do well.UPSC is being regarded as the toughest exam of our country but through this institute ,i’m sure you all are gonna love the course and enjoy reading it which will definitely make one intellectual as Sir says,”like Gandhi.”
Highly recommended institute for all the aspirants out there ”



Best 10 IAS Coaching in Kolkata


For those interested in joining or seeking more information about their offerings, you can contact Impulse IAS directly via their official website or by visiting their institute at the address provided in their listings


Which coaching is best for IAS in Kolkata?

Ans:-  To know which ias coaching in kolkata is best read article on best 10 ias coaching in kolkata


Impulse IAS Coaching in Kolkata has garnered positive reviews across various platforms, highlighting its comprehensive approach and quality coaching for UPSC aspirants. Here’s a summary of what students and reviewers say about the institute:

impulse ias institute kolkata reviews updated
impulse ias institute kolkata reviews updated


Teaching and Mentoring: Students appreciate the quality of teaching and the personalized attention they receive. The coaching is described as beyond comparison, with helpful and hardworking faculties guiding students towards success. The faculty is considered one of the best in Kolkata, offering a peaceful and quiet environment for studying​​.

Course Offerings and Fee Structure: Impulse IAS offers courses for the complete UPSC exam preparation, including Prelims, Mains, and the Personality Test. The fee structure is considered affordable, with installment payment options available. For the comprehensive course (Prelims + Mains + Personality Test), the fee is around Rs. 75,000 for 8-10 months, and for optional subjects like PSIR, it’s around Rs. 40,000 for 5-6 months​​.


impulse ias institute kolkata reviews
impulse ias institute kolkata reviews



Student Support and Resources: The academy provides 24/7 helpline support, counseling, guest lectures by toppers and experts, regular doubt-clearing sessions, personality analysis, and mock tests. These resources and support systems are highly valued by the students​​.

Environment and Approach: Impulse IAS is noted for its disciplined environment and student-centric approach. The institute does not indulge in advertisements of their successful candidates, focusing instead on consistent hard work and the right strategy as keys to success​​.

Overall Satisfaction: Overall, students express high levels of satisfaction with the coaching received at Impulse IAS. The institute is praised for its approach to coaching, emphasizing hard work, strategy, and a supportive learning environment. Students describe the coaching center as a place where one can achieve their UPSC goals with the guidance of dedicated faculties​​.

Impulse IAS Coaching Feedback

Impulse IAS Academy in Kolkata has garnered positive feedback for its UPSC and IAS coaching programs. Their approach is designed to cater specifically to the demanding nature of the UPSC examinations, providing updated study materials, experienced faculty, and regular mock tests to help students prepare effectively. The academy boasts a good infrastructure, employs advanced teaching methodologies, and offers 24×7 helpline support for its candidates.

Reviews Summary:
Student Satisfaction: Students have expressed high satisfaction with the quality of teaching and the personalized attention they receive.
Batch Strength: The academy maintains a manageable batch size to ensure personalized attention.
Faculty: The faculty is experienced and highly qualified, providing students with quality study materials and preparation strategies.
Infrastructure: Impulse IAS Academy is well-regarded for its infrastructure.
Fees: The fee structure is considered reasonable, with installment payment options available. The fees for the complete course covering Pre, Mains, and Personality test is around Rs. 75,000, and for optional subjects like PSIR, it’s approximately Rs. 40,000 for a 5 to 6 months duration.
Mock Tests and Study Material: The academy conducts regular mock tests and provides updated study materials based on the latest UPSC pattern.

Impulse IAS Ratings on Various Platforms:

  • Google: 4.2/5
  • Just Dial: 4/5
  • Our Education: 8/10
  • Sulekha: 4/5
  • Facebook: 4/5

Contact Information:

  • Website: Impulse IAS
  • Address: 1/1B Hazra road, Kolkata, West Bengal- 700026
  • Contact Numbers: +91 9903582403, 033-2475 6644

Above article answers

How is Impulse IAS Coaching in Kolkata?

Ans:- One of the Good UPSC Coaching in Kolkata. To help you in UPSC CSE preparation in IAS Exam, Impulse IAS institute is one of the Top IAS Coaching in Kolkata

Should I Join Impulse IAS Coaching in Kolkata for UPSC CSE Examination?

Ans:- Impulse IAS Coaching in Kolkata for UPSC CSE Examination is one of the good ias exam coaching centre in Kolkata

What is overall Rating and Review of Impulse IAS Coaching in Kolkata?

Ans:-  8.2

Should I prepare for UPSC CSE Exam with Impulse IAS Coaching in Kolkata?

Ans:- You can

How is Impulse IAS Kolkata in year 2024?

Ans:- Good IAS institute in 2024

what is Ranking of Impulse IAS Coaching in Kolkata by

Ans:- Do check ranking of top ias coaching in Kolkata by

Is Impulse IAS Coaching Kolkata a Better IAS Institute for Civil services Examination Preparation ?

Ans:- Impulse ias is better ias institute for Civil services Examination Preparation

Impulse IAS Coaching Reviews and Ratings

Ans:-  8.2

How Good is Impulse IAS Coaching in Kolkata?

Ans:-  Impulse IAS Coaching in Kolkata is good upsc coaching in kolkata for ias examination preparation



Review 3 Impulse IAS Coaching in Kolkata

An exam of such stature UPSC, can easily derail anyone time and again from their pursuit of achieving their dreams. However, all thanks to respected Deb Sir, the ingenious soul behind the institution IMPULSE IAS, an enlightening haven for any serious UPSC aspirant striving for success. Instilling in us self belief, patience and hard work for testing times, Sir has been a huge support system at each step through the complete process, to endure such a mammoth syllabus. The Institution is the best for Civil Service Examination preparation – exceptional guidance and care, immense motivation and phenomenal resources that are second to none and a lot more. I can’t thankyou enough Sir for being the sole guiding light through the pitch dark night. Thanks and regards. “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep” – Robert Frost


Review 4 Impulse IAS Coaching in Kolkata

It is one of the best institutions when it comes to CSE. Sir is not our teacher, he’s the coach and a father figure, who’s very aggressive when the question of UPSC comes.. Sir not only unfolds the success mantra of UPSC, but his task is to instill in us the greatest philosophy of life and how he envisions it.. Thank you sir for being there ❤️

Review 5 Impulse IAS Coaching in Kolkata

I am Debanshu Dey.I am also a UPSC aspirant and Impulse IAS Coaching Kolkata student.I wold to like share my experience about this coaching centre.Our sir Deb Mukherjee is really humble and kind hearted and when the question about his knowledge then I would to say that I am just his student I have no right to say about his knowledge.


For more details on Impulse IAS Coaching in Kolkata, including the latest course offerings, fee structure, and admission process, it’s best to contact the institute directly through their official website or visit their location in Kolkata.

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