How was your life during UPSC preparation in Delhi?

life during UPSC preparation in Delhi is tough as well as hectic yet you enjoy the whole process of IAS Prepartion in Delhi.

Very important when you prepare for UPSC examination in Delhi  and before you choose IAS Coaching in Delhi it is important that you should check the proper ranking of this year.

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GS Preparation for IAS in Delhi – life during UPSC preparation in Delhi

GS Preparation : Earlier there were no online resources for IAS and knowledge sharing among students was minimal. This led to mushrooming of GS coaching in Delhi.

Although what they teach is nothing new but still it offered direction and guidance to those who are absolutely clueless about preparation.

Best 10 IAS Coaching in Delhi

Now with  Plutus IAS, Yojna IAS , insights, Unacademy, iasbaba offering excellent material, questions and discussion platform the need for GS coaching has come down substantially.

Note to IAS UPSC Aspirants

Misguidance can cost any aspirant a lot of time and money. Many coaching institutes are unsure how to properly guide aspirants as per the latest requirements

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Choose Optional IAS  while UPSC Preparation in Delhi

choose plutus ias coaching in delhi ias aspirants life
choose plutus ias coaching in delhi ias aspirants life

Optional Preparation: If you have chosen a completely new subject then you would definitely need some coaching and in this respect coming to Delhi is totally justified as I still believe that it’s difficult to substitute the classroom experience.

life during UPSC preparation in Delhi  & Studying with  Downloadable Notes

ias prepartion in delhi with ias study material
ias prepartion in delhi with ias study material

Study Group for IAS in Delhi – Life durng upsc prepartion in Delhi

: Preparing alone has a downside that you may miss out on strategy, discussion and ideas which are essential for preparation. Living in Delhi helps you to be friends with like minded students and some of these friendships last forever. Many couples in civil services have actually met in bylanes of Rajendra Nagar and Mukherjee Nagar ! Since we have Whatsapp, Telegram and ForumIAS this need can also be met without coming to Delhi now

How many students are preparing for UPSC in Delhi?

There are lakhs of  IAS aspirants preparing for UPSC in Delhi, from which only 10 to 17 IAS aspirants get selected in IAS Exam  on an average per year.  Major IAS aspirants are opting Plutus IAS, Yojna IAS for UPSC Prepartion in Delhi

This number of applicants in UPSC Exam keep on fluctuating, but for the top ranks, only a small percentage of  IAS aspirants from Delhi get selected per year.

life during UPSC preparation in Delhi in Major Areas

Best Areas to Live in Delhi for Students 

Laxmi Nagar (Vikas Marg)
Surajmal Vihar.
Nirman Vihar.
Priyadarshini Vihar.
Best Places to Live in Delhi for Students.
Karol Bagh.

Join IAS Test Seies – UPSC Preparation in Delhi

Test Series for IAS : Earlier if you wanted to give test series there was no option other than coming to Delhi. Thankfully now a days many coaching institute offer online test series.


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