How to start IAS exam preparation?

If you want to start preparing for the UPSC examination by sitting at home then why you can do you can have basic in sides of UPSC exam syllabus. See what are the things that is being tested in the IAS examination. Even after doing this you get to know like whether you are liking preparing for UPSC examination or not. Why I am saying this, because most of the students to not like preparing for UPSC examination in between their coaching. They get bored. It is a big journey and definitely talk to. Everyday you die and wake up.

IAS Exam preparation if you are college going the student.

If you are in college then what you can do is to have highest notes and at least you can give 2 to 3 hours for UPSC exam preparation. Because you need to maintain your college schedule and semester preparation as well.

UPSC exam preparation if you are working professional

If you are working professional then what also you can do it you can devote somewhere around 2 to 3 hours for your UPSC exam preparation and then you can continue for your work. In the weekends you get the opportunity to even work for your goal cracking IAS examination even more. Give somewhere around 9 to 10 hours on weekends.

IAS Exam preparation if you have left your job and seriously looking to crack IAS examination. If you can port 9 to 10 hours everyday towards your cool then it’s good. And if you ask someone who get bored off because you cannot maintain the anther required every single day then go for taking iasclasses course. When you interact with the people of your same mind set and same goal it naturally develops interest every single day towards your goal. So in that case take the IAS coaching help.

We have quality maintain list of many UPSC coaching centres across Pan India basis. From whatsoever location you are reading this article I would say that you visit particular page of IAS coaching institute in your locality and choose best and write coaching for yourself.

Can I do UPSC exam preparation without taking coaching?

This is the most common discussion which even comes in the form of asking questions on different platform on different segments. So I would like to answer this as well. See you can prepare for UPSC examination without taking coaching but are you qualified enough for you have good skill set to make notes so early. See it is a lot of time to even analyse what is important and what is not important for your UPSC examination. UPSC keeps on changing the pattern every year. So you need to look whether you are comfortable for preparing IAS examination by your own or not. See it is not matter whether you take coaching for you to preparation by your own. What matters are you successfully able to map and plan your IAS preparation without the need of coaching. Ask yourself don’t you question yourself for not clearing IAS because you did not take the coaching. I hope this would give you clear vision whether you should go for UPSC coaching or not.



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