How to rank 1 in UPSC CSE exam?

Many students at first enter in the battlefield of UPSC with a view to secure AIR rank 1. Although UPSC is considered to be one of the toughest exams, all the students aspire to secure AIR rank 1. But as it is said to pass UPSC CSE exam you need to work hard, but to secure AIR rank 1, you need to work smart.

How to rank 1 in UPSC CSE exam?

To excel in an exam, one must have smart preparation and should not leave any stones unturned I. e. A student who is aspiring for better results than just passing the examination should study and prepare each and every topic of the syllabus thoroughly.
Also, there is innumerous amout of data, online lectures available on the internet today about preparing for the UPSC exam, but one must try to make his/her own strategy to crack this exam. It is very important to filter out the relevant information among the internet. During the time of preparation, students must know what to study and what not to study from the fog of information available in the market. Also everyone has particular strengths and weaknesses so it becomes very important to focus on the weak areas of the study and also not to lose focus from the strong ones.

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weak sections of the study are often ignored by the students but instead they are the ones who need most of the attention. it will be good if you develop various tactics for yourself for each and every part of your preparation and also test those tactics on yourself Everytime. Also before appearing for the exam, be clear about the exam pattern, it’s syllabus and marks that each section contains which will help to focus on the core areas. Also, it’s better not to waste time in just making strategies and trying to implement them. It is better to utilise that time for studying as this exam is all about proper and consistent study.

What to Do to Secure Rank 1 in the UPSC CSE Exam?

there are too many topics in the UPSC syllabus so it is possible that you read the topics and forget them too soon. so to avoid this it is always better to revise and review each and every topic multiple number of times. Also, there will be a no. of people around you who may give you tips and strategies to crack this exam. So pick up a tip if it is of your use and drop it if isn’t. Ignore the people who are giving you negative vibes or even there may be some of your friends who are trying to put your morale down and it’s best suggested not to pay attention to them. You will definitely secure Rank 1 in UPS CSE Exam.
Rome was not built in a day so it is not possible to study the whole syllabus in a month or two. You have to work hard and be consistent in your studies. Also try to focus on GS and options adequately and give both of them ample amount of time.
So here is the round up of a few tips that you may practice to achieve your target of AIR Rank 1:

Steps to Secure Rank 1 in UPSC CSE Exam

  • 1. Pre exam positive mindset: There will be a much hype before the exam and much of the people will say ,” Oh the exam is really tough”. But there you should prepare your positive mindset and ignore the negative thoughts in your mind. It is very very important to build a positive mindset about the examination and try to inspire yourself everyday to achive your target.
  • 2. Pay attention to the details: In increasing the pace of studying, students often fail to pay proper attention to the details of various topics. But it is very important to do detailed study of each and every topic of the syllabus. Don’t try to ignore small topics because they are small but instead focus on every single topic of your syllabus so that you will be able to tackle each and every question about any topic irrespective of its size.
  • 3. Give mocks and maintain speed: Mock tests are a way to test your preparation and know how prepared you are for the exam. So it will be better if you give mocks seriously and also trace the marks. Also it becomes important to manage the speed to mark your answers. Because marking every question on your OMR sheet is important.
  • 4.Make your own notes: There are so many topics in the syllabus and it becomes difficult to study all of them at the time of exam. so it will be better if you make your own notes so that you can read them at the time just before your examination. Your very own language is always easy to understand at the end time and you also remember the topic thoroughly. So making your own notes would provide much help to your preparation and also you can revise and review anytime and you can develop your own tacts in your own words.
  • 5.Dont waste time: Mainly most of the students waste their time in just thinking about the preparations, about the study and the timeline. It is suggested not to waste too much time in that. once you make your own strategy and develop your own tactics there is no need in wasting time again for that. Start studying! AIR rank 1 is only possible if you are ready to study Everytime you think about the examination. And this is not impossible. Just consistency, hard work and proper preparation will make it a tad bit easier.
  • 6. Set small goals to achieve the bigger one: The main goal is to achieve AIR rank 1 and to achieve it you should first achieve small goals day by day. The goals should be time bound and achievable. This will arouse a sense of achievement in you and also will take you one step closer towards your main goal.
    UPSC AIR rank 1 is not at all impossible. It’s just a mere combination of lots of hard and smart work, achieving small goals, being consistent about the studies and keeping a positive attitude throughout this journey.
    all the best!

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