OSONE NEET COACHING CENTRE is one of the pioneer coaching centers. This institution was inaugurated in 1988. It is a stepping stone for all the aspirants in higher studies and our institution is working especially for the  students from down and middle class society.

To teach the students with special care and focus in academic syllabus for secondary and higher secondary courses also to render special coaching to face competitive exams and to get admission for medical, engineering and other professional courses for conducting the classes for the competitive varied examinations for NEET,tnpsc, ibps, trb, rrb, tet etc..,and even to make awarness among rural based students for their future studies to coach the weaker students who are facing the supplementary and instant examination in x and xii standards.

Most of the students are enrolled in their higher studies. Many students are also enlisted in proper jobs in private concern and government services. Also a number of students they put up as technicians is various private and government institutions are much more than thousand disciples have been sucessfully come out from this institution. They have achieved to penetrate the education among the rural children.they have developed the skills is curricular and extra curricular activities for the students.

MASA IAS ACADEMY Institute ( NEET Coaching Centre

MASA IAS ACADEMY Institute in among one of the oldest institute. The institute was so-called as MASA IAS ACADEMY Institute with the promise to enhance the teaching to bring children in the frequency band of teachers so that the idea turns into a reality. Since its commencement, the institute has crossed  all the expectations in terms of volume of children and quality of results. The rise in the figure of student’s enrollment in classroom coaching as well as their selections in IIT-JEE is matchless in comparison to any other institute in the country that offers classroom courses for IIT-JEE coaching. The institution offers a varied classroom courses for AIPMT/AIIMS and CA/CS, SCRA, NDA, CDS, etc.


The faculty members of this institution hold the perfect education and several years of experience in the medical field. This institute is one of the best institutions in Kanyakumari. This institution is one of the Top 10 coaching centers for the NEET entrance exam prepration in Kanyakumari. This coaching centre can be a great help in your NEET prepration


the main idea behind this institute is to provide education to undergraduates from all around the world. This institution is the first and the foremost institute to provide coaching for the NEET-PG medical examination. The staff members in this institution help the students to focus more on the subjects. The faculty members have the right degree and partake many years of experience and excellence in the NEET coaching. Staff members hold a doubt session to clear the doubts of each and every individual after the class hours.

VENPER Institute

This institute is highly experienced and has nearly twenty-five years of experience in NEET coaching. This institute has given as much as 64% results in the Medical entrance. Their style of  teaching is different and the staff members here gives the right education. All kinds of tests are conducted  for the and negative marks are deducted for wrong answers, the physics teachings are mostly conducted with mathematics basics. They give the children a perfect atmosphere for studies and focus on practice sessions more than just teaching ie practice makes a man perfect. All tests give the children the real exam feel, the doubts sessions also take place and one more added advantage is all the questions are asked not from the given study materials ie they cover extra. Doubts are nicely and regulary been cleared for the students by the staff members and they make sure that the doubts of each and every student are cleared.

TIME. NEET Coaching Institute

TIME NEET coaching institute is among the Top Medical Coaching Institutes In Kanyakumari. The faculty members are nicely trained and highly experienced in teaching. Study materials are provided by them ensures that with portions cover the whole syllabus. Study materials are offered to the students consist of question banks along with all the answers. They also give the objective type questions to the students. There is a close relationship among the staff and the parents to monitor the candidate. All information about the child is sent to the parents by the faculty members. This institute is regarded as one of the  Top Medical Coaching Institutes In Kanyakumari.


They have a unique idea where in Daily practice tests are conducted for the examination syllabus. This ensures a complete coverage of transitional public, doubt clarification sessions are regularly held by the all staff members. Each class has a limited students in every batch so the student teacher ratio can me maintained.


The REACH NEET COACHING is among one of the best institutes for medical coaching in Kanyakumari, the main drive of this institute is to provide quality education to deserving students from all over the world. The faculty members embark the right education and they are highly experienced in teaching. Study materials are regularly provided by the institute which covers the whole syllabus in a unique manner. If you want to experience the best institute for NEET coaching in Kanyakumari then this coaching center is the right choice. This institute is amongst the Top Medical Coaching Institutes In Kanyakumari

ANGEL NEET Coachingacademy

ANGEL NEET Coaching academy Coaching for Medical Exam is the Brand in arena of medical Coaching.It is one of the oldest institute. This coaching centre for medical Exam preparation in Kanyakumari is known for providing unmatched results NEET Exam and other Medical competitive examinations. You can also take Admission in ANGEL NEET Coaching academy NEET Coaching in Kanyakumari and ensure that you be a part of one of the finest coaching institutes in India

  • ANGEL NEET Coaching academy Academy for medical Coaching Includes teaching theoretic aspects asked in the NEET Exam by clearing the basics of Concepts tested in the Exam.
  • They also offer a wide range of courses NEET, AIIMS, PMT, Medical Entrance exam Preparation.

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