Best NEET Coaching Center in Thanjavur
Rank 1. Best NEET Coaching Center in Thanjavur

TuteOne NEET

Exclusively made for NEET first timers

NEET entrance exam is the biggest milestone in anyone’s career. It is An exam which decides your future. If you are seeking the best self-study plan and prepartion course for NEET?
TuteOne offers you the best study plan.

Top NEET Coaching Center in Thanjavur
Rank 2. Top NEET Coaching Center in Thanjavur

Suleka Neet Coaching Center

they are placed on the number 1 position in the list of top Medical Entrance examination(NEET) coaching centers. In this academy you all will come across all the latest and innovative technologies for the learning process for example:-

  1. Holistic Teaching for the result-oriented approach,
  2. A proper Doubt clearing session,
  3. study booklets for Excellent and Assesments
  4. Faculty with high experience
  5. Remarkable study plan which covers the complete syllabus under the given time.
  6. The best and healthy competitive environment so that students can prepare nicely for their examination.

At Suleka Neet Coaching Center, they completely rely on that knowledge is power. In short, it is a vital tool for a person to succeed in this competitive world. This is why they aim to offer a wide variety of courses and training assemblies for learners of all ages.

Address : Pattukottai Fly Over, Evergreen Nagar, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu 613001

Best NEET Coaching Preparation in Thanjavur
Rank 3. Best NEET Coaching Preparation in Thanjavur

Wisdom Wizardz Neet Academy

is well known for their coaching classes with great facilities and help and even support the children  to prepare them very well  for the competitive examination. In this coaching class, you all will have to face the daily Class Tests, Unit Tests, Mock Tests & many more for the exceptional preparation and getting on hand with the syllabus. This is modernized each year to suit altering pattern of questions and accompanied with huge number of mock tests as well as sample papers. Mode of education includes classroom training, postal plans and even the online study materials. They have an Extensive presence on the worldwide web which  helps them caters to students who cannot be physically present for the classes through the online programs and mock tests. Tutorials are also provided for written exams and other exams such as studio tests, situation tests, portfolio and interviews. Even this the only institute, which provides the complete data of students’ to their parents, so that they can keep a track of their wards progress. Their Extraordinary library facility and audiovisual  learning program with a practical demonstration is and added benefit.

Address: New Housing Unit, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu 613007

Top NEET Coaching Preparation in Thanjavur
Rank 4. Top NEET Coaching Preparation in Thanjavur

Dexter Academy

Dexter AcademyInstitute in among one of the oldest institute. The institute was so-called as TIME Institute with the promise to enhance the teaching to bring children in the frequency band of teachers so that the idea turns into a reality. Since its commencement, the institute has crossed  all the expectations in terms of volume of children and quality of results. The rise in the figure of student’s enrollment in classroom coaching as well as their selections in IIT-JEE is matchless in comparison to any other institute in the country that offers classroom courses for IIT-JEE coaching. The institution offers a varied classroom courses for AIPMT/AIIMS and CA/CS, SCRA, NDA, CDS, etc.

The faculty members of this institution hold the perfect education and several years of experience in the medical field. This institute is one of the best institutions in THANJAVUR

the main idea behind this institute is to provide education to undergraduates from all around the world. This institution is the first and the foremost institute to provide coaching for the NEET-PG medical examination. The staff members in this institution help the students to focus more on the subjects. The faculty members have the right degree and partake many years of experience and excellance in the NEET coaching. Staff members hold a doubt session to clear the doubts of each and every individual after the class hours. They give the children a perfect atmosphere for studies and focus on practice sessions more than just teaching ie practice makes a man perfect. All tests give the children the real exam feel, the doubts sessions also take place and one more added advantage is all the questions are asked not from the given study materials ie they cover extra. Doubts are nicely and regulary been cleared for the students by the staff members and they make sure that the doubts of each and every student are cleared.


Mobile: 072003 45577

NEET Coaching Preparation in Thanjavur
Rank 5. NEET Coaching Preparation in Thanjavur

JIT Academy Thanjavur Coaching Center

JIT Academy Thanjavur coaching is a centre for variety of  exam preparation and other allied areas. they also provide coaching for certain  Management subjects and many tet preparation. Here all the students gain full devotion of  very capable teachers who safeguard that all our students are also well equipped for the examinations and beyond. This institution guides the students of class XI and XII and help them to clear the NEET-UG entrance examination by offering an ideal course plan which includes the higher secondary PCB  syllabus along with the complete Medical-UG syllabus. The institute strongly opines in the classroom teaching and hence it uses digital teaching aids like audio-video aids and graphic illustrations to teach the basic concepts to the students. Along with the core concept, the students are trained how to apply those concepts numerically. After the completion of each chapter, the students are given Chapter Practice Sheet (CPS). It contains problems from that chapter and the students solve and submit the solved sheets before starting the next chapter.

Their Error-free study materials helps in covering the entire syllabus. At the end of every batch, the academy has a doubt clearing sessions, small group discussion of the topic and also home assignments done by the students.

Address: 482, Mannar Sarfoji Nagar, opp. New Bustand, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu 613005

Mobile: 063793 8812

Best NEET Coaching in Thanjavur
Rank 6. Best NEET Coaching in Thanjavur

Brillance NEET Academy  Of Education

The Brillance NEET Academy of Education NEET Coaching is one of the leading Coaching institutes for medical Exam Preparations in THANJAVUR .  To Prepare for the medical  Exam in the district of THANJAVUR  Brillance NEET Academy of Education is one of the highly suggested coaching center. Admission in Brillance NEET Academy of Education NEET Coaching in THANJAVUR  you can assure you a great result in any medical exam A wide variety of courses are offered here which include  NEET, PMT, AIIMS, and CBSE 12th, 11th, 10th, 9th, 8th, NTSE Preparation, KVPY and Olympiads Preparation.

Brillance NEET Academy of Education NEET THANJAVUR  is Best premier medical coaching institute with high quality teaching laser intensive for medical Exams.This Coaching  for medical exams in THANJAVUR , makes use of technology enabled systems to Train Medical exam aspirants in Innovative way. They have achieved to penetrate the education among the rural children.they have developed the skills is curricular and extra curricular activities for the students.

Address: Lakshmi Nagar, New Housing Unit, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu 613005

Mobile: 072002 60250



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