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Avirbhava IAS Institute offers education for those students who wish to pursue their career in Civil services. Thousands of students join in the hundreds of institutes that are offering the education for civil services every year and a few pass out with flying colours.
The administrative services in India were started by the British, before 1833 only the Europeans could enter the administrative or the executive wing of the government, but after the legislation of Charter Act 1833, No Indian subject of the company was disbanded from office.However it was in 1864 that SATYENDRA NATH TAGORE became the first ICS servant. The Indian Civil Service (ICS), which after 1886 was officially called the Imperial Civil Service and was also known as the British India Civil Service, was the élite higher civil service of the Government of India in the period of the British Raj.
At the time of the Partition of India in 1947, the ICS was divided between India and Pakistan.Although these are now organized differently, the contemporary Civil Services of India and thePakistan Civil Service are both descended from the old ICS.The present modern civil service of India is mostly followed on the pattern of the Indian Civil Service of the British Raj. It was formed after Independence of India in 1947 from the British Raj. It was Sardar Patel’s vision that the Civil Service should strengthen cohesion and national unity. He wanted a strong and vibrant federal administrative system in which the All India Services would play an important role. True to his conviction, the Civil Services have provided the framework for the administration of the country. The values of integrity, impartiality and merit remain the guiding principles of our civil services.
Being a Civil Servant itself is the matter of pride and honour. No other service in India, carry the same amount of responsibility, power and prestige what is being possessed by a civil servant. After qualifying for IAS, a person is designated as Sub- Divisional Magistrate (SDM) and in country like India, the area and the population varies from one sub division to another. Being a SDM, a person has to cater the demand for governance for all individuals falling under the jurisdiction of his/ her sub division. The smallest sub division in India has the minimum population of ten thousand people, whereas a big sub-division may have the maximum limit of ten lakhs people. Thus every IAS/IPS face the similar challenge of deliverance of governance and only young boys & girls who actually have a zenith of taking challenging tasks, can vouch for becoming an IAS or IPS officer.

B-46, BASEMENT, NEAR PNB ATM, Ber Sarai, New Delhi, Delhi 110016

Courses offered in the institute
IAS Foundation 2019 (Prelims cum Mains)
Philosophy Optional 2019
Guidance Programme for advance aspirants
General Studies Modules
Module 1 – Economics
Module 2 – Ecology, Physics & Geography
Module 3 – Science and Technology
Module 4 – Ethics
Test Series

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Review of the institute

A previous student says a new institute in the field but teaching and programmes are innovative . Plus point is choosing GS on flexi modules. I am enrolled for advance guidance programme, I think which is the best part about this institute. I joined the Prelims Test series of 2019 and was able to clear the Prelims without studying much. Most of the questions were from the list provided by you. I have not enrolled this year for test series, but hope to get some help and guidance similar to that of the previous year. Thank you. Teaching staff is very good and professional and they motivate and build self confidence in us. In 3rd floor Administration team help and guide students very well…they offer weekly test and test series specially from prelims and mains perspective.

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