Dream it. Wish it. Do it. Success does not come to you unless you start working to search for it. The story of Miss India finalist has given hope to many people that your passion lies in everything which you do.

UPSC CSE 2019 Rank 93 Aishwarya Sheoran’s IAS Strategy

UPSC CSE 2019 Rank 93 Aishwarya Sheoran is a Miss India finalist, whose story is motivating everyone in the nation. She showed the world that nothing is impossible in the possible world.

She says that IAS is her passion and modelling, her hobby. Aishwarya had put in a lot of effort and worked hard in cracking the toughest exam in India. Because of her sheer passion, she worked hard in achieving her dream in every manner. She is the former Miss India finalist.  Hearing the news of her success she says that couldn’t express her feelings. It meant to her a lot because it was her dream job.

Life and Education

Aishwarya Sheoran hails from Rajasthan. She completed her schooling from Sanskriti School, Delhi and now resides in Mumbai along with her family. Aishwarya pursued her graduate degree in Economics Honors from Sri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi. She had cracked CAT exam and got a seat in IIT-Indore, which she didn’t go.

Her father, Ajay Kumar is the commanding officer Indian Army of NCC Telangana Battalion, Karimnagar. She often got inspired from her father because of his service to the nation. Aishwarya has always been a bright and talented student in academics as well in extracurricular activities as well. Her family now reside in Mumbai.


Aishwarya did not attend any coaching class. Instead, studied all by herself. She says that studying alone is the best way to study as it gives you enough and more time. While a person goes to coaching class, more than half of the days time is spent there itself.

She gives her remarks on how internet became a boon in her preparation. For current affairs every material was available in internet, she says. “The internet proved to be the biggest boon in my preparation. From books, old interviews to current affairs and newspapers, everything is easily available on the internet”, Aishwarya says.

She says that she started her basic preparations from there. Aiswarya suggests that coaching is good but it is only for those whose background is different. People whose background matches with UPSC syllabus, self study is the best.  She says that she focused on one book per topic and revised it as many time as she wished for.

One should always keep in touch with current affairs. She says that she kept herself up to date with current affairs daily. Reading news through internet or by means of newspaper is very important.

She points out that during past times, a civil servant “looked cliche”. But at present,  a civil servant is someone who hold more acceptance among people. They are respected in every manner because of their multi-faceted personality, which looks more approachable. She says that her priority lies in women empowerment, their education and health.


Aishwarya had to switch off her phone and totally concentrate on her studies. It is not that she all of a sudden had interest in studies but this was her passion. She was a studious child who wanted to serve her nation just like her father. Aishwarya prepared for a year and worked very hard and now because of her sacrifice, she has her results.

Read a lot is what she says. Grabbing as much information possible is necessary in order to crack any kind of exam. IAS exams being the toughest exam to crack, needs a lot of hard work, consistency and sacrifice. Aishwarya is a model and a public figure. She had to give up on her Facebook and other related social media sites. In an interview she said that she didn’t want any kind of distraction.

“I religiously followed online study material from two-three websites and participated in their mock series. The thumb rule was one topic for one book. While many think that the syllabus is wide, I believe CSE is not tough if you narrow down your books. Like for polity, it was Laxmikant that I followed on. Besides for current affairs, I relied on three ed-tech websites and newspapers,” she said.
Aishwarya is being tagged “beauty with brains” and indeed it is very true. very sure that her success has motivated many by now . All the best for the upcoming candidates.

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