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Cracking IAS is not as easy to sip tea. Many of the candidates have capability and ability to crack IAS examination but some of those aspirants fails to do so due to lack in guidance and,  it would be of great help if an individual seeks the best guidance available and this can be accomplished with the help of best faculties, best facilities, infrastructure and mainly the assessments and various other seminars which are capable in increasing the learning of the students. There are many details which should be intricately assessed for any coaching institute to understand how it can cater to the coaching needs of the students. So, I have brought a detailed information on R.C Reddy IAS Study Circle  and as well as answers of some commonly asked questions. Check – Best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad.

R.C Reddy IAS Study Circle in Hyderabad Reviews

About The R.C Reddy IAS Study Circle

R.C. Reddy IAS study circle was founded by Mr. R.C. Reddy who successfully guided Civil Services aspirants in securing top positions in Civil Services for the last 39 years. Over the years many of the candidates got selected for I.A.S., I.P.S., Central Services like I.R.S., I.A.A.S., I.R.T.S., etc and State Services like Deputy Collectors, D.S.Ps, CTOs, A.C.T.Os etc. The intensive coaching given by the faculty is well good enough to help the students to ace the examinations. Many students have secured top ranks in the examinations and this alone is enough to prove the quality coaching the institute imparts to the students.

Vision of R.C Reddy IAS Study Circle

Better India through a better civil service, that is efficient and ethical is the vision of the institute.
The academy has provided enough coaching and has maintained their results consistently to be in line with their vision. They provide a holistic coaching and many classes and sessions such as ethics case studies prove to be vital enough to bring the vision into action in the students.

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Courses provided by R.C Reddy IAS Study Circle

There are many subjects that the coaching academy covers and this provides an end to end coaching for the students.  The coaching covers mainly the general studies paper which is the main subject for the students to attend the examination. The academy has different strategies to provide successful results for the students. The coaching plan is mentioned as below.

Coaching covers:

Preliminary exam preparation:

Preparation of paper – I

Preparation of paper – II

Main exam preparation subjects:

  • General Studies (compulsory subject)
  • Ethics (compulsory subject)
  • Essay (compulsory subject)
  • Sociology (optional subject)
  • Telgu Literature (optional subject)
  • Anthropology (optional subject)
  • Public Administration (optional subject)
  • Mathematics (optional subject)
  • Geography (optional subject)
  • History (optional subject)
  • Agriculture (Optional Subject)
  • Kannada Literature (Optional Subject)
  • Political Science (Optional Subject)

Facilities and benefits of R.C. Reddy IAS Study Circle

Coaching in R.C. Reddy IAS Study Circle involves teaching techniques of intelligent preparation, imparting knowledge through lectures and study material, tests, evaluation, suggestions, etc. The infrastructure is of top notch quality and is well suited for the students to get quality coaching. They have well spaced and well lit classrooms which are spacious enough for the students. They provide the basic amenities which are necessary for all the coaching centres. They also have many other facilities like the Wi-Fi facilities and library facilities for the students to access and get additional resources in order to fulfill their education.

The faculty in this academy is one of the advantageous factors for the students to ace the examination. They are from top institutes in the country and are well versed with the subjects as well as in coaching methodologies. They are able to clear the doubts of the students with utmost promptness and are even available outside the classroom timings. The batch size is nominal and the faculty to students ratio is very good. This in turn is helpful for the aspirants as more and more individual attention to the students can be given. The faculty are also regularly updated on the current affairs and this individual attention is one of the key factors by which the students get more and more success in the institute.

The course material is aligned in line with the prescribed UPSC syllabus and is compiled from various sources. The course material proves to be good enough to help the students to prepare for the examination and is regularly revised so that, the students are constantly updated on the latest happenings around the world and in the country. This course material is also made available in the online portal so that easy access is made available to the students.

The online facility is also excellent in the case of this institute. The website of the institute is well filled with things that are useful for the institute and they have many online resources in the form of videos, notes and so on. They also have a good online presence in various social media websites and the online video lectures is good enough and covers most of the syllabus. They also have many other supporting materials online and is very much helpful to the students. The online classes are also now being made available to the students and the online coaching is very much vital in these times where classroom coaching is completely impossible.

Preliminary exam preparation strategy of R.C. Reddy IAS Study Circle

The standard and difficulty level of some questions of preliminary examination is high and also some of the choices given are very close which make the task of choosing a correct answer very difficult. To tackle this type of problems and other problems related to understanding of subject matter, R.C. Reddy IAS Study Circle conduct lectures aimed at imparting necessary techniques and information along with objective type tests. Regarding Paper-II of Preliminary exam preparation, R.C. Reddy IAS Study Circle explain to the candidates about the methods of tackling Comprehension, Decision Making, Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation, Basic Numeracy, etc.

Main exam preparation strategy of R.C. Reddy IAS Study Circle

Regarding the Main examination, we R.C. Reddy IAS Study Circle have learnt out of years of experience that most of the aspirants are worried more about information rather than organization without realizing that clear information though less in amount, gets more marks than more information which is ambiguous. This difference is due to clarity which is rare and also a deciding factor for section of the candidate. Clarity is specialty of R.C. Reddy IAS Study Circle. How to develop clarity is explained during the process of coaching in the institute.

Regarding Essay, R.C. Reddy IAS Study Circle train their students in the method of writing an Essay so that they can write an essay on any topic and they also have debates and discussions which foster the peer to peer learning and enhance their knowledge by way of coaching.

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Prelim – Cum – Main exam preparation strategy of R.C. Reddy IAS Study Circle

Unfortunately, the Civil Services Examination is so structured that students have more time for Prelim exam and less time for Main exam. In terms of importance and also quantum, Prelim requires less time as it is only an eligibility test, conducted for appearing at Main exam, and it has less syllabus. On the other side, the Main exam matters a lot in the ultimate selection of an aspirant. Main exam is more than 3 M.As courses and it is difficult to cover Main exam syllabus in about three months left after the announcement of Preliminary results. Hence, it is wise to commence preparation for the Civil Services Main Examination one year before the examination to increase the chances of selection.

Long Term Coaching Strategy of R.C. Reddy IAS Study Circle

Civil Services Long Term Coaching of R.C. Reddy IAS Study Circle involves orientation of a Civil Services aspirant while studying a degree course in terms of approach, information, clarity in thinking and writing, expression, personality development, etc.

The approach required for Civil Services Examination is different from other examinations as IAS aspirants has to acquire knowledge of his/her surroundings, physical as well as social, with a inquiring mind. An aspirant should have knowledge of many subjects such as Polity, Economy, Geography, Science, Society, History, Current Affairs, Sports and Games, etc. and it takes a lot of time to acquire knowledge of all these things. Secondly, good expression is essential for getting good marks in the Main Exam, particularly in the Essay paper, as well as in the Personality Test. Expression in any language cannot be developed immediately or in one month, it takes years to develop good expression and command over a language. Thirdly, Clarity in thinking and writing comes out of practice over a period of time under the guidance of good guides and it is provided by the faculties of R.C. Reddy IAS Study Circle. Finally, Personality Test (Interview) also matters a lot for getting selected for I.A.S. as it carries 275 marks, to do well at the Personality Test, an aspirant has to overcome personality deficiencies which takes considerable time as ‘habits die hard’. The interview coaching is also taken very seriously and the students are coached extensively to help the students to ace the interview as well. Hence R.C. Reddy IAS Study Circle advises that one should start preparing for Civil Services Examination at least from the first year of degree course onwards.

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Achievements of R.C. Reddy IAS Study Circle

From year 1989 to 2015

  • 124 – I.A.S. selection
  • 21 – I.F.S. selection
  • 129 – I.P.S. selection
  • 598 – Central Services selection

And this data indicates about the hard work done by the coaching institute and the faculties of the R.C. Reddy IAS Study Circle. This proves to be a living testimony to the level of coaching that the institute imparts to the students and this data is one of the compelling factor for the aspirants to choose the institute for their coaching efforts.

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Fees of R.C Reddy IAS Study Circle

Fees of General studies 1,23,900 (Rupees One Lakh Twenty-Three Thousand Nine Hundred only)

General Studies without Optional with GST of 18 percent

Fee of optional course: 35,400 (Rupees Thirty-Five Thousand Four Hundred only) Only Optional course with GST of 18 percent.

The fee is very much nominal and there is absolute value for money while choosing this institute as it gives good quality coaching to the students.

Contact Details

Address-3-6-275, Himayatnagar, Opposite Telangana Tourism Bhavan, Hyderabad – 500029, Telangana.
Contact Number- 040- 27612673, 09346882593
Website- http://www.rcreddyiasstudycircle.com/

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