How many Hindi medium students are selected in the UPSC 2019?

How many Hindi medium students are selected in the UPSC 2019?

As UPSC CSE 2019 exam results were out, many candidates qualified with flying colors.  Out of 829 candidates chosen by the government, 485 candidates wrote their exam in their mother tongue, Hindi. According to a Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA), in 2019, only 8 candidates from there had taken examination in Hindi. The rest 315 candidates wrote exam in English.

Percentage of candidates from past 6 years who appeared for UPSC CSE exam in Hindi medium.

As of 2013, nearly 17% of the candidates took their exam in Hindi. In 2014 the number decreased to 2.11%. Later in 2015 ans 2016, the percentage increased to 4.28% and 3.45% respectively.  As time passed, the percentage of candidates writing exam in Hindi also diminished. In 2017, the percentage was 4.06%. The candidates who attended the 15-week foundation course from LBSNAA, 2.16% attended in Hindi language.

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), after declaration of the results, showed the selection of 829 candidates in 2019 examination. Out of which the highest to the Hindi medium candidate is 317th rank. Up till this mark, the English medium candidates stood the place. The selected candidates will be holding senior position in government machinery. Some of the positions include senior administrators, diplomats, senior police officials etc.,.

The candidate who scored 317th rank in UPSC CSE 2019 examination, it becomes hard or impossible in getting higher cadres like IAS, IPS and even IFS. Until the year 2010, Hindi medium candidates used to secure positions in top 10 rankings by at least three or four candidates. About 45% of Hindi medium candidates used to qualify IAS prelims and were qualified for IAS mains. At present the number has fallen to 10 to 12%. There is a huge controversy going on based on these facts and results. Having the highest ranking of Hindi medium candidate to be 316, had instilled the minds of many.

Hard for Hindi medium students in the present era

The fall of the system and the change of the syllabus had made many candidates and their family lose hope. The pattern for CSE mains changed tremendously because of various reasons . Also, one subject was made optional and there was an increase from two to four in general studies paper. This limited the space for Hindi medium students from various parts of the nation.

Facts and figures

In 2013, after UPSC changed the syllabus. Out of twenty five candidates who were selected, only one candidate became IAS officer. The highest rank in Hindi medium came to be 107.

In 2014,  the candidate with rank 13 became the highest to score in UPSC CSE exam. Out of the total candidates, only 5 percent candidates were successful.

In 2015 and 2016, candidates from Hindi medium secured rank sixty one and ninety nine and three candidates came under the top fifty list remarking the success.

In 2017 and 2018, candidate having highest rank got 146th position and 337 position  respectively. The second best performer in 2018 came to be in 339th rank.

Why Hindi Medium candidates are decreasing in number and what is the main reason for this decline?

Earlier the ratio of English to Hindi medium successful candidates were 55:40. Because of the current situation, the ratio deteriorated tremendously.

Due to the change in syllabus, the questions also changed. The questions often asked in Hindi was not proper and because of this, candidates used to find it hard to answer them.

Because of Hindi medium, many aspirants had to face struggles during interview. Main reason is because the panel members are usually English speaking persons. They often give taunts to candidates from Hindi medium.

One major issue is that students don’t have much of books and material in Hindi language. Even in coaching classes it becomes very difficult as people lack understanding because tutors teach in English language. Some candidates say that it is very difficult to find Hindi language articles because in leading newspapers like Times of India and The Indian Express, there is less writings in Hindi.

Mock tests available in English language focus more on solving problems. In Hindi language it is totally different and because of this reason students often feel distressed.

There is huge problem related to essay writing during IAS mains. Candidates find it difficult to write in Hindi because it seems to be time consuming.

UPSC CSE exams are tough yet attempted by both Hindi and English medium students. This shows the eagerness of many candidates to achieve their dreams.




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