good place to stay in Delhi to prepare for UPSC/IAS exam

In this article we will talk  about best place to study in Delhi to do best ias preparation in delhi. we talk in depth about the more question related to study in delhi and preparing for ias examination.

good place to stay in Delhi to prepare for UPSC/IAS exam

best place to stay in delhi for ias preparation

Delhi for UPSC Civil services preparation

Delhi, India’s capital territory, is a massive metropolitan area in the country’s north. In Old Delhi, a neighborhood dating to the 1600s, stands the imposing Mughal-era Red Fort, a symbol of India, and the sprawling Jama Masjid mosque, whose courtyard accommodates 25,000 people. Nearby is Chandni Chowk, a vibrant bazaar filled with food carts, sweets shops and spice stalls

Plutus ias best place to in delhi to prepare ias


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I found that it costs around Rs 15-20k per month to live there. Rajendra Nagar is an expensive place to live. I want a single room to study peacefully. Can anyone suggest some cheap alternatives?

Ans;- You can live to near by Plutus ias coaching in Delhi where you can find lot of hostels at 5m to 10 m distances.

Is Delhi best for IAS preparation?

Delhi is more competitive place to prepare for the ias exam. This is the reason many people say delhi is best place to prepare for the ias examination.

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Which is the good place to stay in Delhi if you are preparing for UPSC/IAS exam?

Ans;- You can stay at patel nagar or karol bagh

What is the best area to live in Delhi for UPSC students (pros and cons)?


  1. Connaught place
  2.  Mukherjee Nager

Is staying in Delhi beneficial for UPSC preparation?

GS Preparation : Before, there was no online resource and the sharing of knowledge among students was not much. This led to the explosion the number of GS training in Delhi. Though the lessons they impart are not new, ias coaching in delhi provided direction and assistance for those who were completely in awe of preparation.

Now , with the help of Plutus ias,  Yojna, offering top-quality materials, questions and a discussion platforms, the demand of GS coaching has diminished considerably.

Alternative Preparation: In the event that have decided to go with a totally new topic, then you’ll certainly require some guidance and, in this regard, coming to Delhi is completely justified since I believe it’s difficult to replace your classroom learning experience.
Study Group: preparing on your own is a disadvantage in that you might be left out of the strategy, discussions and thoughts that are crucial to prepare. Living in Delhi allows you to make close to like-minded students. Some of these friendships are lasting. A lot of civil service couples have met in the byways in Rajendra Nagar and Mukherjee Nagar ! Because we have Whatsapp, Telegram and ForumIAS this requirement can be fulfilled without having to travel to Delhi today.

Test series for ias preparation delhi

Test Series: Before, when you wanted to take tests, there was no alternative other than to travel to Delhi. Today, many coaching centers provide test series online.

What should one not do when coming to Delhi for the UPSC preparation?

Don’t start a new love story here focus on ias preparation . Because UPSC has got a very kind heart. It can’t see you getting separated. So it will fail you both.

Don’t go partying every then and now. If you do parties while preparing for ias  every weekend here, the only thing “khaas” in your life after 2 yrs will be Hauz Khas.

Avoid chai-sutta discussions or large discussions. Dark lungs suck. Dark lungs suck more with a dark career.

Which is best online coaching for IAS?

Plutus ias is rank 1 best online ias coaching in delhi for Civil services preparation. In the online age  IAS Aspirants  can say with assurance that i can prepare for ias online.  Yes, any hardworking candidate can clear IAS UPSC CSE  exam without attending classroom coaching. Guidance is important this is the reason we suggest joining finest ias coaching in delhi which is plutus ias coaching in delhi.

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What is the cost of living in Delhi to prepare for the UPSC exam, which includes room rent, food, electricity bills, travel and other miscellaneous expenses?

  1. Room IAS Rent – 10–12k ac single occupancy, 5–6k for ac double occupancy in Delhi reduce further if opted for non AC room. Don’t prefer PG’s.
  2. See for independent flat with available bed or rooms ( search for Flat and flatmates in Karol bagh; Rajendra Nagar in Facebook)
  3. Electricity costing in delhi – is expensive the owner charge around Rs 9–10 per unit.
  4. Food costing in delhi – 120 for two meals if you order veg from kitchen delivery; for chicken around 80rs per time.
  5. Newspaper- RS 700–1300 if you like reading online buy The Hindu E paper online subscription, it would be cheaper and they give special discounts if you take for 2 years. ( Search for Promo codes)




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