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Dr D B Kumar IAS Coaching Centre – IAS Coaching in Hyderabad

Dr D B Kumar IAS Coaching Centre In Hyderabad Reviews – Top IAS Coaching in Hyderabad

Dr. D.B. Kumar IAS coaching centre which is located in Hyderabad is one of the good institutes in Hyderabad. The institute aims at providing good quality and standardized coaching for IAS aspirants who want to excel in their UPSC examinations. There are various factors which makes this institute equitable with other institutes of the locality and each factor is taken a serious look in this review which makes the aspirants identify the pros and the cons of the institute before choosing it.
The main things that are to be considered are explained as below.

Top IAS Coaching in Hyderabad

Courses Offered in Dr. D.B. Kumar IAS Coaching Centre In Hyderabad –  Best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad

The general studies course that is offered for IAS aspirants is the main course that is offered in this institute.
In addition to this, three main courses are offered by the institute. The courses along with the fee that is charged is mentioned as below.
• The Indian Polity, Governance and constitution model which is offered at a rate of Rs.18,000 which includes the curriculum for both prelims as well as main examination.
• The Indian Econoomy module for prelims and main examinations which are available at the rate of Rs14,000
• The Ecology and Environmental module which is available at a rate of Rs. 12,000 and this also encompasses both prelims and final examinations.
The validity for all these courses happens to be about 60 days which also has a 15 days additional window for revision of the entire course.
Each of these modules also include 40+lecture sessions and are capable enough to cover all the necessary items within these sessions.

Course Material – Best UPSC Coaching in Hyderabad

The course material is prepared directly under the supervision of the founder and it is to be noted that it is completely in lines with the prescribed syllabus for IAS aspirants. They have taken extra care to prepare the syllabus which comprises of all the necessary things and also the general updates that is required for the UPSC aspirants to keep their knowledge up to date. Some of the sessions are also uploaded online so that the students get an access to the teachings at their own comfort. The conceptual clarity is one of the highlights of the course material and especially the courses on Geography and General studies is much of an attraction in this institute. They do not have much of a test series in their overall curriculum. Only some weekly tests are present and reviews pertaining to those tests. This can be improved as such. There are also a number of demo classes that is available and these demo classes help the students to get a taste of the institute before making the decision of joining it.

Faculty – Top UPSC Coaching in Hyderabad

The institute has a rich array of experienced faculty who are well versed in the field of teaching exclusively for IAS aspirants. The general classes and other optional classes are taken by Dr.D.B.Kumar who himself is an IAS officer and has a long experience in coaching the students.
Since the batch strength is limited to about 20-30 students, the faculty to students ratio is excellent and by this individual attention can be given to the students.
The students have reported that the faculty are very friendly and take utmost care in resolving to the doubts of the students.

Infrastructure – Best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad

This parameter also acts to be good enough and also advantageous for the institute. Since it is located in a prime spot, it is easily accessible for the students to come and learn. The classrooms are spacious enough to accommodate the small batch strength of 20-30 and can house enough members so as to enable hazzle learning for the students. The absence of a full-fledged library is one of the disadvantages in this case as the students have to resort to other places to take in reference notes and also take in reference journals, books and so on.
Some of the students have quoted that the location is quite noisy and this causes some amount of disturbance as they progress ahead with their coaching via classroom training.

Assessments and Seminars – Top UPSC Coaching Institutes in Hyderabad

The students are advised to take several assessments as possible, before they take up the prelims and final examinations. These tests are taken in a regular manner and the students are tested based on their classroom learning. These assessments are taken and reviewed by the instructors and the necessary feedback is given to the students. Such feedbacks help the students to gain more knowledge and also help them to correct their mistakes before they take up the main examination.
In order to foster greater learning, debates, discussions and seminars are being conducted in a regular manner. By these methods, the students are able to get fruitful insights from experts and also by the debates they are able to get an exposure from their peers.

Online Presence – Top IAS Coaching Centers in Hyderabad

One of the few areas which the institute has a setback is their presence in the online avenues. They lack an individual website which makes students look for other domains to fund out answers for their queries about the institute. Online tests are also not quite evident. Having said that, many video lectures are otherwise available which is posted directly by the lecturers. These video lectures accessed by many and they have found the content to be useful. Live streaming of many lectures are being made available to the students by one particular website. This in turn helps the students to promote online learning.

Other Advantages – Best UPSC Coaching Institutes in Hyderabad

The institute has been vital in creating many All India Ranks in the UPSC examination. Some of the exemplary examples include Andra Vansi(IAS) and also Bharat Kumar Gupta(IAS). Both of them were students of this institute and have managed to ace the examination with flying colours. The overall experience of the faculty is yet another advantage of the institute and they are still continuing in bringing laurels.

Taking all these factors into consideration, it can be said that, the Institute provides quality coaching to the students with advantages of location, course materials, faculty, infrastructure and so on. The various people who have passed the examinations are examples of how the institute trains the students.


Contact Details of The Dr. D.B. Kumar IAS Coaching Centre In Hyderabad

Contact Address: Door Number 1-10-223/B, Indira Park Road, opposite to NTR stadium, Himayath Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana Pincode-500020
Contact Phone: +91 95737 87936

Top IAS Coaching in Hyderabad

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