Cracking NEET is not everyone’s cup of tea. The NEET demands a lot of smartness, regularity, patience, hard work and deep knowledge as well as firm hold in the subjects. Many of the candidates have capability and ability to crack IAS examination but some of them fails to do so due to lack in guidance. And it would be of great help if an individual seeks the best guidance, available and this can be accomplished with the help of best faculties. But choosing right coaching institute can be confusing because in today’s date there are plenty of coaching institutes, promising the best for you. So, after evaluating, comparing, analyzing different number of factors such as, teaching methodology, short keys, standard of questions paper provided, environment provided by the coaching institutes, etc. We have brought detailed review on Axent Academy Coaching in Coimbatore.

Axent Academy Coaching Coimbatore Reviews

Axent academy has been given first rank among many coaching institutes due to many reasons. There are numerous factors deciding Axent academy to be best in the state as well as in Coimbatore. One of the most probable reasons is that, it has guided hundreds of students and made them qualify for the medical entrance exams and produced many toppers. Many were placed in Government Medical Colleges. This institute is an ultimate place where seeds of Knowledge and wisdom are imparted.

Facilities provided by Axent Academy are as follows-

Smart Classrooms, well furnished, air conditioned, convenient. Junior Faculties are readily available for doubt clearing sessions, so that the student can have a crystal-clear concept. Faculties are also allotted and given charge of different groups which tracks students’ record and performance. Periodic tests are conducted to ensure that students respond to tricky questions with increasing accuracy with great speed. Weekly periodic Tests and NEET Preliminary Examinations are conducted, where the Question Papers are prepared by the Research & Development (R&D) team of the institute. The Pattern of the Question Papers is very much similar to the pattern of NEET Exam and is drafted according to the curriculum.

The course is specially designed to promote accelerated learning and it supports the candidate not only to emerge as a master of the subject but as a master of oneself too. Time bound completion of the course or syllabus with extensive coverage is done. Simplified explanation of theories and concepts is done by the faculties for better understanding

Regular audio visual presentation is also shown for better explanation. Regular tests for mains are conducted by the institute and it helps in increase of speed and accuracy of the candidate. Intensive answer writing skill development sessions are conducted in order to practice the candidate for examination and to increase speed of the candidate. UPSC compatible evaluation is done by the institute and regularly syllabus is updated and moulded according to the recent one. Thoroughly designed syllabus is provided to the candidates. PRELIMINARY TEST SERIES are comprised of Full Length medium to high difficulty Tests that will prepare aspirants for the surprise patterned questions out by UPSC examination in its question papers every year.

The Tests are classified into three categories. After completion of the syllabus, institute conducts the following test series to Enhance the candidate’s NEET Score:

1)Revision I:

Chapter-wise tests are taken: – 96 Chapters, 30 Tests (PCB) – 30 days including Revision Classes & Question paper Discussion Sessions.

Revision II:

Three Chapter Tests are taken: – 15 Tests (PCB) – 15 days, including Revision Classes & Question Paper Discussion Sessions.

NEET: – 20 NEET Exams – 35 days, including Question Paper Discussion Sessions. Discussions on question papers happen after the tests, for the students to gain clarity over the concepts, answer Keys are given after every exam, for the purpose of Self- Evaluation.

Student’s Progress Graphical Report (GR)

Graphical analysis is made to have a thorough understanding of the same in regards to their strengths and weaknesses. The institute maintains the students weekly test results in a form of graphical report to have further comparisons regarding improvement of their performance subject-wise.

The institute Axent academy honours its Top Scorers, on a monthly basis, by encouraging them with Compliments and Gifts, as it also becomes a positive Reinforcement for the students to stay on Top of the List, Parents teachers meeting is conducted every month. It creates a platform for the parents and the teachers to Address and analyze the Academic and Non-Academic issues faced by the students. Student Attendance is taken to Monitor and maintain the attendance of the student, a highly computerized attendance Monitoring System – BIOMETRIC System, has been installed. The parents are intimated through messages regarding the Class Absence of their Wards.

Axent academy is the only centre in Tamil Nadu which gives DUAL PRACTISE (Objective + Descriptive) for all Weekly & Monthly Tests. One hour of Descriptive Type Test on Ruled Paper as in Board Exam in School pattern plus One hour of Objective Type Test on OMR Sheet in NEET pattern parallelly so that the students would be strong in School Curriculum as well as in Competitive Exams!  Trains the Student for Exams like Olympiad, NTSE, KVPY & Other major exams Conducts Parent Teacher Meetings (PTM) regularly on a Monthly basis to measure your ward’s progress. Performance Analytics Graph REPORT CARD is issued by the axent academy during PTM for every students individually, which would show their position in the tests as well as their strength and required areas to improve in the individual subjects in a graphical manner. The whole institute is under surveillance of the CCTV cameras and guards, ensuring everyone’s safety. To Morally boost the students and realize their dreams, the institute provides ID cards and Apron for its students. This is mainly done with a purpose of installing discipline and decorum among students and also providing them a sense of passion behind the career, which is a highly valuable and respectable factor for Medical Profession.

The institute allots faculties as a group in charge for every 15 students. The institute provides tips and tricks such as Mnemonics for easier understanding.

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