WhiteHat Jr is a Mumbai based Edtech startup by Karan Bajaj that focuses on teaching coding to young kids. This is basically online platform is made for children learn programming. After the Students learn these they encouraged to create games, animations and applications. WhiteHat Jr is a Mumbai is Yet to evolve. Before talking here about the WhiteHat Jr I did Read many blogs and Articles Talking about the Pro’s and Cons’

Contact Details

Website:- http://www.whitehatjr.com/

Address: 2A, 2nd Floor, Whitehat Jr, Wework Chromium Milind Nagar, L&T Flyover, Andheri (E, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400072
Phone: 022 6833 7300
Appointments: bit.ly

Should  I send my Kid to Whitehat Jr’s

To be very brutally honest I would definitely say that your kids needs to understand the real world problem first to do proper coding. Do you know that Bill Gates did not learn coding from 6th standard or 7th standard. Do you understand that coding is implementing Real world scenarios into the machine understandable language form. If you ask me whether I should send two white hat junior for coding or not I would say let your kid live his or her life initial stages. The time will come where there would be necessary to learn the coding when her or his brain also become mature. He or she will be able to learn coding by yourself.

White hat junior reviews

Arnav says,

White Hat Jr would say that it is ok but  I would not say that white hat junior is worth spending dollar 255. It is seems to be like money making business. They are targeting different countries to take out the money from the parents pocket.

Review of White Hat Jr

Review of White Hat Jr Mumbai
Review of White Hat Jr Mumbai

Teacher Selection Process in Whitehat Jr’s

Handpicked via Whitehat Jr’s Industry Leading 5-Step Teacher Selection Process
Whitehat Jr follows a rigorous 5-Step Selection Process for confirming teacher candidates so your kids are taught by the Top 0.01% of Early Kids Coding Experts.

What is Whitehat Jr?

WhiteHat Jr makes kids creators in the new world with the first structured coding curriculum in the world for early childhood. Kids learn logic, structure, sequence and algorithmic thinking to generate creative outcomes like animations and apps.

Whitehat Jr Teaches Coding

WhiteHat Jr focuses on 6-14 years of kids coding learning, whereas Byjus, Toppr, and Vedantu are a common platform that helps students to prepare for institutional exams.

Is white hat Junior free?

No, white hat Junior Charges fee students from the students.

What is the fees of White Hat Jr?

US$ 229 /Month

Whitehat Junior Reviews

Whitehat Jr Reviews
Whitehat Jr Reviews

How Whitehat Jr. is different from Byjus, Toppr and Vedantu?

Nothing much difference between all the above (Byjus, Toppr and Vedantu).  Even The culture in Byju’s Education and WhitehatJr is the same and in fact, many employees have been hired from Byju’s.

I have heard this,

” WhiteHat-jr these days are making lots of money (INR 3 Cr in a day across the globe) on daily basis by fooling parents not only on in India but in the USA and now they will be starting the same in A&NZ region too. ”

Should I Join Whitehat junior ?

Weather you should join white hat junior aur not only be your decision but you should actually investigate or a lot before spending dollar 255 $ into coding courses offered by company.

Details of Whitehat Jr

White-hat Jr can be a ed-tech that aims kids in the ages of 6-18. The assorted selection of classes is located currently while inside the area of programming language. Karan Bajaj, the creator considers that the kids should function as the founders of tech. The are living 1:1 course teaches pupils the craft of programming starting out from the rookie to the higher level Tech degree. At the ending of these classes, pupils may manufacture a lot of animations and applications. From the program, a youngster learns loops, conditionals, strings, python, space-tech stimulationand machine learning, etc.. The reviews by different users which include Bollywood choreographer Farah Khan reveals that ed-tech is worth its own name.

Quora Reviews on Whitehat Jr Mumbai

Honest Reviews of Whitehat Jr
Honest Reviews of Whitehat Jr



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