UPSC CSE 2019 Rank 4 Himanshu Jain

Motivation is what uplifts one and makes an individual move forward. Becoming an IAS officer is a dream of many. Overcoming all hurdles, UPSC CSE 2019 Rank 4 Himanshu Jain, has proved again that hard work is the only essence that leads to success. Himanshu Jain shares some of his thoughts and ideas on how he accomplished is task.

UPSC CSE 2019 Rank 4 Himanshu Jain

Early life and education

23 year old Himanshu Jain hails from the Hodal in Palwal Haryana. He completed education till 8th grade in Haryana. He moved to Delhi to complete rest of his education. His grandfather was the one who motivated him. He wanted Himanshu Jain to become an IAS officer. Talking about his higher studies, he completed his graduation in economics honors from Hansraj College, Delhi. After completing his graduation, he started preparing for UPSC exam. In 2018, he gave his 1st attempt for UPSC exam. As he wasn’t well prepared, he couldn’t qualify for it. In 2019, he reappeared for the same and come out with flying colors.

UPSC CSE 2019 Rank 4 Himanshu Jain’s Strategies

  1. Hard work. He says that only with hard work can one succeed in anything and everything. He had worked hard to acquire the position that he holds today. Persistent effort and consistency is the key element of many beautiful outcomes.
  2. UPSC CSE Rank 4 Himanshu Jain puts out his main focus area, “limited resources, indefinite revision.” The more the resources, difficult it becomes to memorize everything. Revise for as many times you feel it is a need.
  3. Himanshu Jain’s focus lies in government publications and government annual reports, that helped him gain knowledge on the related topics. He also focused more on government information channels, websites like PIV. These sites provides day to day social information needed for every individual. It is one way that he opted to make himself aware f the happenings.
  4. Daily 6 to 8 hours he used to spent on studying. With a fresh mind, every morning he studies up to 2 pm, after which he eats healthy food. Some days, he studies in evening hours too (for 1 to 2 hours).
  5. Reading newspaper is a must. Everyday one should read newspaper to grab knowledge in current affairs part. He focused less on magazines and more on newspaper, with consistency and discipline. Being consistent helps one develop chain of thoughts and mind too.
  6. IAS mains are mostly optional subject oriented. Make sure that you have a thorough understanding about the content which in return will help you in writing answers. As the writing part is bit tough, it is important to improve your writing skill. IAS prelims preparation can be started 50 days ahead of the exam.
  7. He talks about use of keywords and terms present in the syllabus. For general studies, he advises to focus only on terms in the syllabus. Search for as many related article and information related to the terms in syllabus. There are many authentic government sites that help people in writing answers. He used to watch rajya sabha debates to get information about politics as a result of which he could learn more about politics.
  8. For writing answers make sure there is a prefect structure to it. For topics related to the terms in syllabus, definition, body and conclusion. Every one has their own strategy. You need to handle the situation is your way and plan accordingly.
  9. Himanshu Jain suggests the aspirants to use NCERT books because it will give basic guidance to appear for exams. Along with these, he suggests Laxmikanth ( for politics ), Spectrum ( for history ).

Quick Tips

  1. Focus on optional subject more so that it will help you in mains.
  2. Go through any newspaper daily. Make it a routine in mornings.
  3. Eat healthy food. To an extend, avoid junk food as it makes ones mind deviate.
  4. Say “NO” to tensions and stress caused by personal affairs. Keep it away for the time being.
  5. Keep yourself motivated. Self confidence lies within yourself. Surround yourself with thoughtful people.This in turn will help you to focus more.
  6. Devote your time on studies and keep revising. Take a break everyday for some time. Your brain needs rest.

It is not impossible to win, lest you do your part truly and sincerely, so try hard each and every day to be in a position that you dream of. Just like UPSC CSE 2019 Rank 4 Himanshu Jain, even you can scored your best.


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