Top sociology online classes for IAS:

Choosing an optional subject for Mains Examination is a strategic decision a candidate has to understand the overall marking scheme of Mains Examination. The optional subject has high weightage of nearly 30%: (500/1750) in the Mains Examination. And therefore sum of 500 marks plays an important part in deciding the ranking of the candidate. UPSC Civil Services Mains Examination has Sociology as one of the Optional Subjects with 2 papers (Optional Paper I and Paper II). The main exam of UPSC consists of mainly 3 stages- Preliminary examination, Mains examination and Personal Interview.Sociology subject matter has overlap with General Studies Paper 1 in UPSC Mains (Indian Society part) and .The sociology UPSC optional subject consists of some contemporary and current issues in the society. Though sociology is a popular choice of students among the other optional subjects, it also has an advantage that an IAS officer mainly has to deal with many facts of the society and proper knowledge of sociology subject proves to be quite helpful in their further work. If we have a look at the last year records, sociology has been a favourite of all the optional subjects for UPSC candidates. Also the success rate of the students who have chosen sociology as their optional subject is high as compared to the others subjects. more than two students in the 10 toppers of the UPSC exam has sociology as optional subject . So, here is a roundup of some of the top sociology online classes for IAS which will help the students to learn sociology optional subject online.

First in the list of best Sociology Online Classes for IAS

Top Sociology Online Classes for IAS
Rank 1. Top Sociology Online Classes for IAS

IAS gurukul:
IAS Gurukul is one of the IAS online coaching classes which have video lectures on sociology as an optional subject.
The faculties there like Pranay Aggrawal sir is the choice of many students when it comes for sociology optional coaching online. yes I want to be an expert in sociology and his command over this subject is incredible. The faculties in IAS Gurukul are well experienced and mainly they share their own direct whatsapp numbers with students so that students can clear their doubts whenever they want. The students who have attended IAS Gurukul sociology online classes are quite happy with the approachability and promptness of IAS Gurukul and its teachers. Also the video quality and sound quality on the online lectures is good. So IAS Gurukul is one of the choices of students when it comes to one of the top sociology online classes.

Second in the list of best Sociology Online Classes for IAS

Best Sociology Online Classes for IAS
Rank 2. Best Sociology Online Classes for IAS

Byju’s IAS sociology online streaming:
Byju’s is an online platform for the students who are aspiring to clear the UPSC examination. Byju’s is now also offering online classes for optional subject like sociology. The faculties here understand the importance of optional subject in the mains exam and therefore they properly guide and explain the concepts of optional subjects to the students. There is exhaustive coverage of each and every topic in sociology, coverage of all the standard books Indian as well as foreign of that subject, special focus on case studies for sociology from all the main sources, exclusive coverage of last year papers and questions and their explanation. They also have their attention on linking the current affairs with the subject and have convenient timings for the students for working aur studying in colleges.

Third in the list of best Sociology Online Classes for IAS

Top Sociology Online Classes for UPSC
Rank 3. Top Sociology Online Classes for UPSC

study IQ is another online platform for the UPSC aspirants white coaching for the optional subjects like sociology. there are regular video lectures every week on the facts and current affairs in the society. there are pendrive courses tablet courses and online video lectures for the students to study their optional subject. along with that with their own study material on sociology so that students can take notes from them. Study IQ also create the study material by referencing all the books of that subject. Therefore study IQ online classes is also one of the choice of the UPSC aspirants for sociology online classes.

Fourth in the list of best Sociology Online Classes for IAS

Best Sociology Online Classes for UPSC
Rank 4. Best Sociology Online Classes for UPSC

Neostencil is an institute for UPSC preparation which also provides online classes to the students. There are live audio video and chat suggestions for the students who have choosen sociology as an optional subject for the mains exam. There are a number of courses like sociology optional and test series course, sociology optional course for UPSC mains, and also sociology optional crash course for the main exam. All the courses and validity of 120 days of online live chat and video sessions as well as 15 days + for revision lectures. These courses prove beneficial for the UPSC aspirants at the last time of the exam preparation.

Fifth in the list of best Sociology Online Classes for IAS

Best Sociology Online Classes for Civil Services
Rank 5. Best Sociology Online Classes for Civil Services

Sociology IAS:
Sociology IAS Elite is a unit of ELITE academy. There are sociology classes and recorded videos for the students and the study program been scheduled in such a way that they can discipline the study schedule. Studens can look for recorded videos on a PC or pendrive whenever wherever they want. Also these have beneficial for the students who do not have academic background of sociology as a subject . Therefore these video recorded lectures will give students virtual classroom experience and a full proper training and guidance of how to study sociology as an optional subject. The exam preparation strategies of SOCIOLOGY IAS are worth and students have benefited from them.

Sixth in the list of best Sociology Online Classes for IAS

Top Sociology Online Classes for Civil Services
Rank 6. Top Sociology Online Classes for Civil Services

IndianCivils is a website who provides live video classes for IAS. This also conduct live video chat sessions and video lectures of the Sociology as a subject. There are online live classroom sessions and also recorded video lectures. The faculty there are modern and understand social changes in the society. This experienced faculties link the fact with the society so that students understand socialist subject well.

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