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Football is the third most played outdoor sports in India. The popularity of Football is growing tremendously in India. Football is the most famous sports in Kolkata. It is the football hub of the India. Even though we have people growing crazy about Football, it has still not caught the complete attention of the whole country.

There is a very clear reason behind, why Football is taking such a long time to gain the needed popularity in India. The primary reason behind that is, the very common sport, liked by our people in India is Cricket. The British introduced Cricket, and were ruling our country, which infused Cricket into our nation, and this led to people being crazy about only Cricket, as we had no other outdoor sports, which was easily accessible, other than only a bat and a ball.

The secondary reason is, Football got much spread only in the European, Africa and the American continents, which made it more like their game, and even though Football was played in India, and we did have a national team, the infrastructure and the training was not sufficient and the players in Indian Football team, played bare footed in crucial tournaments, which didn’t help them qualify as a proper team.

In this article, I will be listing out the best Football coaching institutes in Kolkata, which will help you achieve your dreams, with the needed efforts from your side.

Football Preparation In Kolkata

Sportsperson as a career is both delightful and stressful. There are obvious both pros and cons, when it comes to any career, it is on you, who has to make a choice, what do you want. Football is one of the most played and the most famous sports in the world. The popularity is slowly increasing in India which is creating opportunities for more talented sports enthusiast to make their future in Football.

There is a lot of competition in any sports, but Football being the most famous and very selective sport, there is an even more rise in the competition growing in Football. There are lots of struggle and failures in the life of a successful sportsperson. The only way to achieve your goal is to keep working hard on it, and trying to solve the problems that you faced previously.

Without joining a Football coaching, you will never learn the professional way of playing the sport. You will have to first be a member of a good Football coaching institute and then follow what the trainers tells you. A day you skip is the day you start losing interest, so never try to skip a day, unless it is concerning about your health.

Top 10 Football Coaching Institutes In Kolkata

First In The List Of Top 10 Football Coaching Institutes In Kolkata Is

1) Mohun Bagan Athletic Club

This the one of the most famous football club in India and is the best club in the entire West Bengal state. Mohun Bagan Club is the best coaching club in Kolkata, though it expensive, but it is worth to be a part of this prestigious Football Club.

Contact Details –

Address: Gostho Paul Sarani, Maidan, Kolkata, West Bengal 700021
Contact No: 3322481634

Second In The List Of Top 10 Football Coaching Institutes In Kolkata Is

2) Milan Sangha Club

Right next comes the Milan Sangha Club after the Mohun Bagan Club. Those who cannot afford to join Mohun Bagan Club, should definitely join Milan Sangha Club because, this club is the very next famous Club after the most famous Club. Moreover many prominent Football players have made their successful career by being a part of this Club.

Contact Details –

Address: 252, Block A, 700089, Lake Town, Kolkata, West Bengal 700089
Contact No: 3325211781

Third In The List Of Top 10 Football Coaching Institutes In Kolkata Is

3) Raipur Club

Raipur Club is the fastest growing Football Club in Kolkata, famous for its excellent coaches and it’s finest ground infrastructure, Raipur Club undoubtedly places itself for top 3rd position.

Contact Details –

Address: 62, Raipur, Garia, Kolkata, West Bengal 700084
Contact No: 8910314396

Fourth In The List Of Top 10 Football Coaching Institutes In Kolkata Is

4) Mohammedan Sporting Club

The coaching institute has the best facilities to offer to the Football aspirants and the ground is well maintained with their excellent overseers.
The coaching institute offers coaching at a very nominal price.

Contact Details –

Address: Tent Maidan, Indira Gandhi Sarani, Maidan, Kolkata, West Bengal 700021
Contact No: 9007823453

Fifth In The List Of Top 10 Football Coaching Institutes In Kolkata Is

5) Edusphere

It is one of a very new and quickly rising Football coaching institute in Kolkata. The coaching institute strives to provide the best Football coaching to their people.

Contact Details –

Address: D116, near Tarunsangha club, Block J, Bagha Jatin Pally, Baghajatin Colony, Kolkata, West Bengal 700032

Sixth In The List Of Top 10 Football Coaching Institutes In Kolkata Is

6) Topsia Football Ground

The best ground in it’s locality and also one of the finest Football coaching institute in Topsia.

Contact Details –

Address: Topsia, Kolkata, West Bengal 700039

Seventh In The List Of Top 10 Football Coaching Institutes In Kolkata Is

7) Kolkata Football Academy

Remarkable at their field and prominent Football coaches are present at the Kolkata Football Academy, which makes people to join the coaching institute, without any second thoughts.

Contact Details –

Address: Thakdari Road, Dhalipara, Mohishgote, Newtown, Kolkata, 700102
Contact No: 9123007079

Eighth In The List Of Top 10 Football Coaching Institutes In Kolkata Is


The best part of this Football coaching institute is that, they not only trains student to get better at the sports, they guide and teach students about the history of Football, making them more educated and more focused with their ambition.

Contact Details –

Address: 115/1, Banku Bihari Chatterjee Rd, Rath Tala, Kasba, Kolkata, West Bengal 700042
Contact No: 9831075504

Ninth In The List Of Top 10 Football Coaching Institutes In Kolkata Is

9) Bijoygarh Football Training Centre

The best Football training centre in Bijoygarh, for it’s well reputed coaches and the huge, well maintained ground.

Contact Details –

Address: 3/45 A, Bijoygarh, Jadavpur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700032
Contact No: 8017982986

Tenth In The List Of Top 10 Football Coaching Institutes In Kolkata Is

10) Baranagar Sporting Club

The sporting club is good for both, those who are looking to make a career in Football, and also those, who play Football as their passion. They have both types of training available, it completely depends on the trainee to go with.

Contact Details –

Address: 11/1/A, Neogi Para Rd, Neogipara, Ashokgarh, Kolkata, West Bengal 700036

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