Top 10 ACCA Coaching Institutes In Kolkata

Best ACCA Coaching Institutes In Kolkata

The ACCA(Association Of Chartered Certified Accountants) is a global level examination for knowing the knowledge of the exam giver in the field of accounting, which provides a strong report of the person, before applying for a job in the field of Treasury Management, Accounting, Auditing, Tax Consultation, Financial Accountant, Business Valuation and many other such business related fields.

The exam is considered not easy to clear, but the exam is also not as tough as the CA exam, which is well known to be the toughest exam in India.

Those who want to work at the global level, at the international companies, should definitely take up the exam. The ACCA exam has a partnership with among several companies world-wide, and the companies recognise the potential of the people, who have given the ACCA exam.

In this article, I will list some of the best ACCA Coaching Institutes In Kolkata, which will  guide you the best, with your preparations for the ACCA exam.

ACCA Exam Preparation In Kolkata

ACCA Exam consists of 14 papers, which are divided into sub categories. The first three papers A1 to A3 consists of Knowledge level. I. order to pass to the next sub category, you need to clear the Knowledge level. The syllabus under Knowledge Level includes, Accountant In Business, Financial and Management Accounting.

The next consecutive sub categories which are, like hurdles, you cannot go to the next one, until you clear the previous one.

Skill Level, Essentials Level and the final one is the Optional Level. Altogether makes it up to 14 papers, which you will need to clear with a minimum marks percentage of 50%, in order to consider yourself, an ACCA honour.

You have lot of time to prepare for the exam, since you can take the exam 4 times in a year through online mode and 4 times through offline, so totally 8 times, in a year. The exam has a time limit, so you should be quick at answering questions.

Revising past year papers and dedicating yourself with proper strategy, will definitely let you become the ACCA honour.

Top ACCA Coaching Institutes In Kolkata

First In The List Of Top 10 ACCA Coaching Institutes In Kolkata Is

1) PREPRight Coaching Classes

Teachers are always ready for doubt clarification.

A very effective testing methodology, that tests students comprehension rather than blind reading of the concepts.

A perfect environment, which is suitable for studying.

Contact Details –

Address:1B Elgin Road, 3rd Floor, Near Bhawanipur College, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020
Contact No: 9821080455

Second In The List Of Top 10 ACCA Coaching Institutes In Kolkata Is

2) Saraf Academy

Lectures are handled, only by well qualified and experienced teachers

They offer, a result yielding programs.

Every topic of the syllabus for the exam is covered.

Contact Details –

Address: Suite 103, Alphanso Estate, 5 Surendra Mohan Ghosh Sarani(Mangoe Lane), Kolkata, West Bengal 700001
Contact No: 8444040402

Third In The List Of Top 10 ACCA Coaching Institutes In Kolkata Is

3) London School of business and finance

They have specialised pattern and proof study material, which is easy to read and understand.

Home assignments / Workbook.

Quizzes, tutorials & doubt clearing sessions.

Contact Details –


Fourth In The List Of Top 10 ACCA Coaching Institutes In Kolkata Is

4) Urban Pro

The faculty is talented in their subjects, and are always available to the student.

Class are conducted on a regular basis, and also mock test are provided to the students on almost daily basis, which helps students to learn the concepts in a better way.

Contact Details –


Fifth In The List Of Top 10 ACCA Coaching Institutes In Kolkata Is

5) ICPA India

The coaching institute helps the students to see better with their easy to apprehend study material.

The whole program is planned and it is followed with the most extreme care, which gives an ideal report providing environment to a student.

Contact Details –


Sixth In The List Of Top 10 ACCA Coaching Institutes In Kolkata Is

6) EduPristine

The institute has a teaching faculty of experts and well experienced teachers.

Some of the sessions are purely to provide tips and tricks about the exam to the students, to make them more familiar and comfortable with the questions appearing in the upcoming entrance examinations.

Contact Details –


Seventh In The List Of Top 10 ACCA Coaching Institutes In Kolkata Is

7) Udemy Coaching

There teaching approach let’s you become a top ranker in any of the future deciding prestigious exams.

Not only they have a huge number of highly educated, hardworking, qualified and experienced employees, but also they keep up an ideal student to teacher proportion.

Contact Details –


Eighth In The List Of Top 10 ACCA Coaching Institutes In Kolkata Is

8) Edudelphi

Various question papers are provided to the student with in-depth study material, helping the students for better learning.

The teaching faculty are recruited to the institution after checking their expertise and their knowledge in the subject.

Contact Details –


Ninth In The List Of Top 10 ACCA Coaching Institutes In Kolkata Is

9) edX Coaching

They have some good strategies, which will always push the students intellectually, from their academy, ahead of others.

The institute is more towards student oriented system.

Contact Details –


Tenth In The List Of Top 10 ACCA Coaching Institutes In Kolkata Is

10) VG Learning Destination

Doubt clearance classes are provided within the time range of 24 hours.

Best study material to go through, which provides better understanding to the students.

Contact Details –


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