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Target IAS – IAS Coaching in Hyderabad

Target IAS  In Hyderabad Reviews – Top IAS Coaching in Hyderabad

The Target IAS which is an institute for IAS coaching in Hyderabad was formed in the year 2006 and has closed to 14 years of prominence in the field of IAS Coaching. The IAS institute was formed with the aim of imparting quality coaching to the future administrators at a considerable cost. It also aims to provide this education in combination with multiple extra curricular activities thereby shaping the overall development of the individual.

Top IAS Coaching in Hyderabad

There are several factors which needs to be considered before choosing an institute and these are discussed here with respect to Target IAS below.

Courses Offered in Target IAS In Hyderabad – Best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad

  • The primary course that is offered here is with respect to the UPSC prelims and main exams and is a year long course which constitutes of all the main subjects which are in the prelims and in the main paper
  • There are various are a few optional subjects which are also offered by the Institute which include Anthropology, Commerce and also Public Administration.
  • There are also separate modules for subjects like History which are taken by other faculties.
  • Weekdays and weekend classes are available here.
  • They also offer crash courses which are generally conducted in the weekends and mainly focus on subjects like current affairs and also come with test series.
  • The fees is generally Rs.1,50,000/- and can vary according to the courses taken in addition.

Course Material – Best UPSC Coaching in Hyderabad

The course material is prepared by the Institute itself and is of average quality. They are good but not frequently revised which makes the students miss out on some current issues. The course material for certain subjects like Anthropology is good and can give in depth details about the subject. Besides this the History module is also good and is appreciated by the students. The running notes taken by the students is enough and the printed notes can just act as a supplement to it.
The test material is not up to the mark according to the reviews of few students of the institute and few of the students have commented that the purchase of such a test material and their implementation proves to be quite difficult and cumbersome when compared to other insittutes

Faculty – Top UPSC Coaching in Hyderabad

Faculty strength is average. The Institute has a long list of many senior faculties who have the right expertise to guide the students towards the right path. The batch strength is quite high and hence faculty to students ratio is moderate. The faculty are able to engage the batch as a whole but when it comes to individual attention, they lack the proper skills needed. The individual doubts of students are not cleared in a proper way. Few of the faculty are exceptional in giving notes to providing individual attention and thereby providing a holistic improvement for the students.

Infrastructure – Best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad

The Infrastructure of the Institute is on average. The Institute is located in one of the prime locations of the city and thereby is easily accessible from all locations in Hyderabad. This makes it one of the good institutes in terms of the location. When it comes to the infrastructure within the institute, they seem to be in need of quite an improvement. The seating capacity of the classes can be increased and also other facilities like Wi-Fi, Libraries, etc. can be provided to the students. Few of the newspapers are made available to the students and also with some magazines but, this doesn’t prove to be full enough to reach the maximum potential of the students. Online facilities is also quite less in terms of this intitute.

Assessments and Seminars – Top UPSC Coaching Institutes in Hyderabad

Assessments happen in a very regular manner in the institute for all course modules. Even in the additional modules like History, Anthropology and so on, it comes in with the test series which needs to be attended by the students compulsorily. The main disadvantage is that the tests, if missed, cannot be taken again by any of the students. This can be changed with some advantages to the students who have missed the tests in some unforeseen circumstances. Once the tests are taken, the papers are corrected and given back to the students. This is followed by an individual review session of the test papers wherein a one on one review session fosters better learning of the individual.
When it comes to seminars, it can be seen that the insitute provides the students with regular seminars and talks which are presided by various current as well as retired IAS officers who are able to give valuable insights for the students.

Online Presence – Top IAS Coaching Centers in Hyderabad

The institute has a poor online presence. The Website is completely down and the students have to depend on other websites to know about the details or call them directly. Since a website is absent, online tests and online course materials is of negligible amount and cannot be taken into consideration. This again proves to be disadvantageous to the institute as compared to its peers who have well built websites and online presence. Some video lectures are present but even they are out of date.

Other Advantages – Best UPSC Coaching Institutes in Hyderabad

The institute has been successful in providing the society with many IAS and IPS officers through their rigorous training. The individual modules can also be taken rather than taking an overall course for UPSC preparation

Therefore, it can be noted that the institute has many years of service in this industry and have been able to produce many successful Service officers and have been committed to make the dreams of IAS aspirants come true. Their online presence, course material and the faculty interaction are some of the avenues that they need to look into to be one of the premier institutes in the city.

Contact Details of Target IAS  In Hyderabad

Contact Address: Door No. 1-1-664/B, Second Floor, Opposite to Canara Bank, Gandhi Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana Pincode – 500020
Contact Phone:+91 9494860360

Top IAS Coaching in Hyderabad


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