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There are many top UPSC coaching institutes in Kolkata.We have listed down the top ten UPSC coaching institutes in Kolkata. Also we have provided a detailed article on IAS VISION Coaching in Kolkata which is one of the UPSC Coaching Institute in Kolkata in 2022-2023.

Best – UPSC Coaching Institute in Kolkata

IAS VISION Coaching in Kolkata



Since the year 2005 IAS vision coaching centre has been providing Civil Services coaching for the candidates who are aspiring to get into the civil services. in the Kolkata locality this institute for civil services exam is one of the oldest domain of teaching. According to IAS vision it is important for the students to know what to study but it is more important for the students to know what not to study. highest version Kolkata believes in motivating and inspiring students to focus on their studies and believe in yourself.

Best – IAS Coaching Institute in Kolkata

Details of IAS Vision Kolkata – Best UPSC Coaching in Kolakta

IAS VISION in Kolkata basically provides three programs for Civil Services exam preparation which are:
1) Weekday  IAS program
2) Weekend  IAS program
3)And undergraduate foundation program
in the weekend program the classes are conducted only on weekends that is Saturdays and Sundays. the duration of these weekend classes are for about 12 months and the fees is 1 lac.
where are the regular weekday IAS coaching is of the duration of 10 months and the classes are from Monday to Friday. for weekday program also the fees is 1 lac.

Best UPSC Coaching in Kolkata

Except weekdays and weekend classes there is the third program which is the undergraduate foundation course. This undergraduate foundation course is 3 years IAS coaching course offered by IAS vision and the fees for this is 1,50,000. Also they provide too many mock test series which help the students to practice their study. By consistent practicing , students will be able to know their strengths and weaknesses. Knowing this, they would be able to work on their weak part of the studies. IAS vision mock tests helps the students to know how much they have prepared for the examination and what are the areas that they need to concentrate on. IAS vision Kolkata is one of the high rated coaching institutes for students offering demo classes before joining and also has a top level of study material and learning programs.

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Why Vision IAS Kolkata for UPSC Preparation in Kolkata?

The IAS Vision coaching Center in kolkata will help you to optimise your performance and accuracy in the real time IAS Examination and makes you understand the facts and figures and concepts in a practical manner. IAS VISION KOLKATA has a good infrastructure and the best coaching facilities and trained experts. study material provided as supplemented by current affairs and a list of suggested books is provided that can be referred after completing study from the study material.

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current issues for UPSC Mains important part of any competitive civil services exam and therefore they must be systematically followed by every student for the IAS  exam preparation and mock tests. study material is available online as well as one can purchase this material from the office itself.

 About IAS Vision Kolkata – Best IAS Coaching in Kolkata

For weekdays program and weekend program there are about 60 + books per year so that students can prepare and study each and every detail aspect of their syllabus and test themselves. proper study material is provided for the selection of prelims and mains exams as well as .

IAS vision Kolkata aims to complete the syllabus in time so that in the end time students and study themselves and clear the doubts if needed. also it is advisable to look at the past year paper trends understand the importance of debate oriented discussions. there are interactive classes between students and teachers to create a better understanding of what is happening around in the world . background and adequate preparation is done by teachers for the students.

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Benefits of Vision IAS Kolkata – IAS Coaching in Kolkata

Now let us know benefits and why one should choose IAS vision Kolkata or other educational Institute:
1. IAS vision Kolkata has a regular classes all throughout the year and they have the full time teachers.
2. there is regular flow of information from IAS vision Kolkata doubt clearing facility is available 24/7.
3.To know about better preparation of students there are assignments and surprise tests every week.
4. the study materials are up to date according to syllabus and paper pattern.
5. There are internal assignments on every topic as well as mock test to assist the subject matter in hand.
6. many of the classes fails to support the students adequately classes as the classes are too thick and fast. To avoid this, and to resolve this issues IAS VISION KOLKATA has provided the facility for the students so that they can slow down the speed of classes according to their pace.
7. Like the weekend class students can also increase their place by attending week days classes and attending the classes on government holidays.

Best IAS preparation in Kolkata

Civil service needs a more analytical approachand this educational Institute is ready to give analytical as well as educational approach towards the student so that they can achieve their dreams of becoming an IAS and passing the examinations like UPSC. Regular classes throughout the year and regular revision of each and every detail aspect of the syllabus of UPSC and IAS exams prove to be a guideline for the students and help them to prepare for their examination and a better way.

They also provide a proper training for three phases Preliminary, Mains and the last one the Interview/ personality.the success rate of candidates of the IAS academy is quite impressive. well equipped infrastructure well trained teachers and proper study environment makes it one of the top IAS academies in Kolkata.also smart classes and interactive video lectures between the students and teachers help the students to be more Frank towards their teachers about the doubt clearing.it is a perfect launchpad for students for aspiring to become future IAS and clearing UPSC exams with good numbers.

Best IAS Coaching in Kolkata

IAS coaching in Kolkata provided by IAS vision is one of the best classroom program for foundation prelims mains and the interview to achieve the top results. Therefore, regular weekend and weekdays classes, educational and technical assistance , continuous study of mocks and prelims make IAS vision one of the best educational Institutes of Kolkata.
The team of IAS VISION is a team of dedicated individuals and teachers deliver more than promise.

Frequently asked Questions from the IAS VISION Coaching in Kolkata

1.How good is IAS VISION Coaching in Kolkata ?

IAS VISION Coaching in Kolkata is very good coaching in Kolkata for IAS Exam preparation.As per Institute rank ranking on top IAS coaching in Kolkata,IAS VISION Coaching has Got Very Good Ranking. You should choose IAS VISION coaching in Kolkata for IAS Examination.

2.What is the review of IAS VISION Coaching in Kolkata?

The Review of IAS VISION Coaching in Kolkata is 8.8 out of 10. IAS VISION is one of the Best IAS coaching in Kolkata for IAS examination preparation. The overall review of IAS VISION Coaching in Kolkata is above average.

3.Ranking of IAS VISION Coaching in Kolkata ?

IAS VISION Coaching stands in the 5th place in the list best IAS Coaching in Kolkata.

4. Fees of IAS VISION Coaching in Kolkata ?

IAS VISION Coaching in Kolkata Fees Structure:


Course Fees
General studies (integrated) program  Rs 170,000
Optional subjects for the main exam  Rs 54,000
Test Series & Qip (Pre) Rs 14,500
Test Series & Qip (Mains) Rs 35,000
Optional through questions (test series for mains) Admission Fee – Rs 15,500
For ex-Students – Rs 8,000


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