UPSC CSE 2019 Rank 1 Pradeep Singh Strategy

Greetings all. Isn’t it a beautiful day to start with something that fills your passion and strikes your happiness? Well, as you have made your way till here, why not leave with some worthy up-shot! This article focuses on the motives and effort put in by IAS Topper 2019, Pradeep Singh, in order to succeed in the position that holds him today.

UPSC CSE 2019 Rank 1 Pradeep Singh Strategy

With the history of serving people, 29 year old, Pradeep Singh, hailing from Tewri, a village in Haryana, Sonipat, grabs the position of IAS Topper 2019. As someone once said, try until you succeed, Pradeep Singh secured the first position in his 4th attempt, a remarkable shift from 260th rank in his previous attempt. He pointed out that he couldn’t pass the prelims in first two attempts. He got into Indian Revenue Services in IAS exam 2018 and later as his subject of interest being Public Administration, he worked more for it. In the initial years of his preparation, he had undertaken guidance from coaching but after the initial selection, he started his journey by himself. Hard work and consistency always matter more than anything else.

IAS prelims, IAS mains and interview are three different exams. It should be approached differently as said by IAS Topper 2019, Pradeep Singh. As for this matter, he has conveyed about the strategies that he took to acquire this position.

Pradeep Singh has shared his plan of action that he thinks will be very helpful for more aspirants

  1. First of all he talked about IAS prelims wherein he stressed on focusing on current affairs and factual knowledge. Factual knowledge being the primary or basic knowledge that one should be having about a particular subject or discipline. Without having a basic idea of the subject, tends to cause pressure and may often lead to doubtfulness. Cuurrent affairs covers the major area of the test . This will enhance your knowledge about nation. Current affairs helps one not only in prelims but also in interviews.  IAS Topper 2019, Pradeep Singh says to focus thoroughly on the last three to four months of IAS prelims exam and prepare a study plan according to ones strength and weakness thereby knowing how to manage during exams.
  2. Candidates usually gets only three and a half month after IAS prelims to prepare for IAS mains. During this time it becomes really tough situation to cover up all syllabus. One should practice on writing ability more than anything. This will help during exams and helps in consuming time. IAS Topper 2019, Pradeep Singh suggests each and every candidate to answer writing and analysis of the events and issues. He says to focus more your writing skills which are very much needed in order to pass prelims with shining colors. He also says to go through online sites which help in preparing for IAS mains writing section. As we say, practice makes a man perfect, yes, practice only does it.
  3. IAS interviews are test for your personality. For this phase to be successful, candidates should have the confidence in themselves and this confidence in turn will provide them with greater tomorrow. IAS Topper 2019, Pradeep Singh asserts his thought on how ones personality and most importantly interpersonal skills are tested in every way possible during the interview. In order to leave a good impression on the interviewers, one should start working on personality. It should be charming and elegant in every way possible.
  4. Pradeep Singh talks about how much his family motivated him. He says that one who works for a cause feels lifted a lot when someone motivates them. He always worked hard for the success of his mission and vision. The continuous effort put forth by him, along with his families support has made him achieve what he has now. He never thought he would secure 1st rank and this made him feel happy for achieving his dreams. Last but not the least, having confidence in yourself is the treasure that should be safely built and secured in oneself. Without faith in oneself, everything becomes hard and difficult.

Success is 99% hard work and 1% luck. Wishing every candidate who is working day and night to reach the top of the mountain. Remember nothing is impossible.

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