UPSC CSE 2019 Rank 3 Pratibha Verma Strategy

Well, we all become eager and enthusiastic about things that instills our mind. Unlike every other individual, we too become interested in knowing about many tips and tricks that IAS Toppers considered while preparing for their UPSC IAS exam. IAS Topper 2019, Rank 3, Pratibha Verma shares her experience and methodology applied by her.

UPSC CSE 2019 Rank 3 Pratibha Verma Strategy

As we say success follows where there is hard work and passion, so is in case of IAS Topper, Pratibha Verma. She ranked 3rd in IAS exam 2019 and moreover the first female candidate to secure 3rd positon. Coming from a middle-class family in Sultanpur district, she always worked very hard to uplift herself as well as her family. Talking about her early education, she is an IIT graduate in B.Tech in Engineering Physics and because of her love and interest for physics, her optional subject turns out to be physics too. She had worked in Vodafone.  Last year she ranked 489th position and got into Indian Revenue Service.

In 2019, Pratibha Verma got posted in Indian Forest Service from August 2019 to December 2019. During her 10th and 12th board exams, she secured 1st in the district. She says that she had been very keen and enthusiastic about working under NGO during her college days. Apart from that she had shown immense liking towards working of NSS, women empowerment.  Pratibha Verma had a lot of interest in seeking and helping children in making eduction mandatory to all. Apart from studies, she focused more on extra curricular activities that made her feel content and happy about. In her interviews and other speeches she give many insights on how she prepared for IAS exam and she asks everyone to remember these while on journey.

Strategy applied by Pratibha Verma, IAS Topper Rank 3

  1. Pratibha Verma started her journey from 2014. She made sure that her basics are clear and firm. Politics, history, geography, science technology, environment, are the subjects that she made sure is firm and thorough for her. A good command over these subjects makes one have a strong base which makes rest of the process easy.
  2. Make is a routine to read newspaper daily. Being up-to-date on current affairs is a must which she emphasis a lot. Most of the questions deals with current affairs and that is the area that one can score much lest their current affairs are strong.
  3. Talking about preparing, preparation of notes is very important, as it helps in ones writing speed as well as helps in during revision. IAS mains being the 2nd process, answer writing is the crucial stage. One should have proper content and writing speed in order to crack IAS mains.
  4. As we say, Practice is the only way to betterment, she suggests practicing everything which is covered, everyday. One should revise and practice regularly in order to be in touch with the syllabus. She advises the candidates to work more on their essays. Essay writing is the easiest way to have a grip on writing.
  5. In this period of life, we all are acquainted with internet and this is a great platform to many aspirants who wish to seek guidance. Start giving time for practice tests. The more tests you take, the more you will feel confident about yourself. Also by taking tests, you will acquire speed as well as ideas how to manage time with your pace. Moreover get to know your strengths and weakness by taking tests.
  6. The last process being the Interview, IAS Topper, Pratibha Verma says to practice questions in front of the mirror.  Make sure you practice as much as possible. Do mock test in front of family,friends, etc., Imagine a set of interviewers interviewing you, asking you questions, think of you replying to those questions, do it regularly.
  7. Getting motivated by others is good. Surround yourself with people who motivate you in every way possible. The more you get motivated, the more you will feel “yes I can do it”.

Pratibha Verma’s hard work has given her the ultimate fruit that she wished for. Whoever is reading this now, remember, only hard work pays off, luck does not. So focus on building yourself in every way possible to achieve the greater position you dream of. ALL THE BEST TO EACH AND EVERY ONE WHO IS READING THIS.

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