UPSC CSE 2019 Rank 2 Jatin Kishore Strategy

Chris Grosser once said, “Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.” Well, each one reading this right now, one thing is for sure that you are here to create opportunities for yourself, so are we, to help you in every way possible to make worth of your time. Who does not want to hear the secret recipe to the yummiest dish? Yes! here you will be provided with the strategies took up by Jatin Kishore, IAS Topper 2019 Rank 2.

UPSC CSE 2019 Rank 2 Jatin Kishore Strategy

Hailing from Delhi, 26 year old Jatin Kishore ranked 2nd in UPSC IAS examination. Having an educational background in economics, doing his bachelors and masters in economics from best universities in Delhi, he started preparing for his UPSC exams. He worked in Indian Economic Service along with his preparations being done for IAS exam. IAS Topper 2019, Jatin Kishore secured 2nd position in IAS exam in his 2nd attempt. He says that no one qualifies during the first attempt and it needs strong heart and commitment to try several times. Mostly students leave it after some attempts. During his preparation for IAS exam, he was under training period after securing position in Indian Economic Service.

IAS Topper 2019, Rank 2, Jatin Kishore shares his methods and formulas during the preparatory period

  1. Jatin Kishore advises to answer as many questions that one can, because the major mistake that he attempted was during his 1st attempt, he answered only 70 questions, which did not help him clear his IAS prelims. There happened many negative markings and as a result, he did not qualify. During the 2nd attempt, he answered 85 to 90 questions which made him clear his prelims. So make sure you attempt the maximum number to questions.
  2. Talking about IAS mains, he used to study during evening hours and weekends, as he was under training period the rest of the time. Notes are mandatory. As he had less time to study, he never made notes instead used to revise from textbooks itself. But by time this became little difficult, he started to prepare notes but time was limited so he took help of his colleagues. He says 1 or 2 pages per topic is more than enough lest you revise it regularly. Make use of online study materials.
  3. Interviews being the final stage of the process, depends on how well one presents themselves in front of the interviewers. The questions asked are mainly based on your background and the profile given by you. Be thorough with what you have written in it, because most questions will be asked from it. How well one paints themselves is really very important. Main aspect that every individual should carry is confidence. Yes! Self confidence. Without having faith and confidence in yourself, you cant make it to any where.
  4. IAS Topper 2019, Rank 2, Jatin Kishore sets out how his time managements were. During his preparations, he made it a must to read newspaper daily,thereby enhancing the chance and interest in current affairs which is very well mandatory. He advises to keep in touch with the syllabus. Knowing that UPSC IAS exam syllabus is vast and broad, no on literally finishes the whole syllabus. So make it a practice to keep revising the points and thoroughly go through almost all important areas.
  5. H does not say how much one should learn in a day, because he says its their own personal choice. Depending on how much one person can devote his/her time to studies, should one complete their portion. It is necessary to revise daily. One should never lose in touch with what is being covered.the more you revise, the more it will stay in your memory. Focus on one or two book. Do not  get confused by many books and theories. Most important, improve your writing skills. try to get more content in yourself so that during the answer writing part, you can make well use of the content.
  6. About coaching, for his general studies did he attend coaching. Economic being his optional subject, he did not need coaching for it as his background was from it. As there are many online coaching sites, one can learn from that too. The book which he referred mostly was Rau’s, along with online information.  He says that being a professional and preparing for UPSC was a bit hard because of many constraints like time. He suggests that for those who are working and preparing for exams like this, keep in mind never to lose hope just becasue things are not happening the way you think. Only when you try many times, will you seek the fruit of your effort.

Well, being in the boat, travelling towards one destination amidst the strong wind and waves, make sure you hold on to the hooks and nobs and whatever possible from getting washed away from the boat. All the best for a greater tomorrow.

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