How is Vision IAS classroom program Delhi and their faculty

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Vision IAS classroom program Delhi

I was student of vision foundation class last year and planning to drop my attempt this year. All credit goes to vision.

My friends had warned not to join but I went there for availability of faculty and personalized attention, which vision counselors had assured.

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That time Vision ias coaching in delhi  had uploaded open session videos of Shubhra Ranjan, Mukul Pathak and other senior teachers on their YouTube channel which further convinced me that good teachers are with them.

Vision ias coaching delhi fees and batches

When I inquired vision about number of students they told, around 150 students have already taken admission and soon admission will be closed due to limited seats. I paid 1.1 Lac to join their classes.

Vision IAS classroom program Delhi Details

On the first day of class only 26 students came. When I asked about other students, vision staff told, rest of students are online.

Within few weeks we students realized that we’ve done a blunder by joining vision. All the teachers were quite young with hardly any teaching experience.

In first week classes were on introduction of syllabus topics that looked OK but as time passed we got the exact idea of garbage we had plunged into by paying such a huge fee.

When we asked for renowned faculties they had advertised, they told that they are not part of the foundation class.

I asked for refund but they refused.

First time in life felt so helpless. Couldn’t regret more on my decision to join vision.

Vision ias coaching in delhi

I continued with class in a hope of personalized attention by faculty. But soon this hope also shattered. Initial few interactions with faculty were cordial but soon they started making excuses to avoid personalized interaction. They would ask us to clarify from given handouts, vision notes, internet sources etc and if there’s still any doubt left they would tell us to meet class counselors. Some students who had got more familiar with vision’s system told that almost all of their teachers are either giving attempts or teaching at multiple institutes as vision can’t give enough classes. I again tried for refund citing my poor financial condition but they refused again. Couldn’t believe how insensitive they can be, that’s also after blatantly cheating us. More surprised I was with their faculty who always sounded boastful, overconfident despite lacking even basic skills of teaching, experience and knowledge needed for this exam. As money was already wasted, I decided not to waste time and stopped going to class. Here is my observation about their faculty and management so that future students could make wise decision.

Vision IAS classroom program Delhi Review is it worth Joining

Ashish Kumar – He teaches polity but barring initial classes and few topics on Indian constitution, he is worthless. He is very energetic in class but loses steam when students start asking questions. He knows nothing beyond Laxmikant. Good at quoting references and sources but unable to explain himself. He might be ok for pre but pathetic for mains. Earlier he used to teach at Vajiram. After attending his class we got the idea why Vajiram stopped giving him classes. His attempts are over and is fully involved with vision.

Vision IAS classroom program Delhi Review is it worth Joining

Prateek Gupta – He takes economics classes. His breadth of knowledge is good but very shallow theoretical grasp. He sounds most arrogant of all. If students ask him anything, he’d refer to his notes and would brag, all prelims and mains questions fall from his notes. No need to read anything else. He doesn’t have patience, loses temper easily and taunts students who don’t agree with his point. Well trained in showing-off and dropping names, he teaches at multiple institutes but mostly seen in vision.

Vision IAS classroom program Delhi India

Harsh Bardhan- He is just opposite to his name. His lectures don’t bring cheers to class. His way of making lectures interesting is to keep asking weird questions then answering himself, because he only knows the answer. He knows everything except what to teach.

Smriti Shah – She is the most talented faculty of vision, teaches society, culture, development topics. Excellent command over her area and lectures are impactful but unfortunately, her classes are limited.

Vision IAS classroom program Delhi Review is it worth Joining

Jatin Gupta – He is character of a kind. I’d say the most bizarre character among vision faculty. He teaches selected topics of geography, economics, IR, polity, history and almost everything, basically, Jack of all trade but master of none.

He has one special skill, he can make the most irrelevant and unimportant topic sound important, leaving entire class convinced but later only students realize it was all garbage. He keeps criticizing vision management, other faculties, and sounds most frustrated working there but still manages good chunk of classes. God knows how? He is still giving attempts. Avoid seeking his advice, he misguides.

Vision IAS Coaching Delhi Faculty

Ruchika – She takes IR classes. She is our old fashioned school teacher. Comes to the class fully prepared and gives her best. She is very student friendly but keep your discussions limited to academics only.

Vision IAS classroom program Delhi Review is it worth Joining

Dr Suraj – He teaches ethics, and some topics of polity, IR etc. Overall average teacher of Vision ias coaching in dehi. Neither good, nor bad. His main problem, he wanders a lot before coming to the point. Two-three hours of sound sleep in his class eliminates the need of night sleep. He is still giving attempts to improve on his rank.

Vision ias coaching in delhi History Faculty

Jaspreet Singh – He taught us history for ias preparation for a brief period. Very well versed and good knowledge. He got selected for IPS and now under training.

Vision IAS classroom program Delhi Review is it worth Joining

Shivi Sood – She took society and culture topics. We could never understand what she actually taught. She appeared literate but in which subject, nobody could guess. She comes in class assuming that students know all and lectures like a dumb. It was her class after which I lost faith in vision.

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Vision IAS classroom program Delhi Review is it worth Joining

Vision ias coaching delhi faculty

Jayesh Khaddar – He takes history class. In comparison with Jaspreet sir, he pales. Full of himself, he doesn’t interact with students, comes to class unprepared, avoids questions, behaves eccentrically and gabbles without reason. His specialization is in IR and polity but takes history class. Still giving attempts, he has no quality of a teacher.

Vision IAS classroom program Delhi Review is it worth Joining

There are other teachers in Vision ias coaching in delhi also who take class for a short period and vanishes. Vision has no dedicated faculty for any single area of GS. They keep rotating their teachers from one topic to another. Leaving some exceptions, all their teachers are amateur and lack any specialization.

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Vision IAS classroom program Delhi Review is it worth Joining

Vision management is no less woeful. Classes get postponed on regular basis, class schedule keep changing, no dedicated faculty for specific GS areas, no action on complaints, summing up in two words, complete mess. I don’t know how they are managing test series but classes aren’t worth recommending to anyone. For me it has been a devastating experience. It was my hard earned money which I had saved for this exam but gone wasted due to one bad decision.

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