How is unacademy for online UPSC coaching?

How is unacademy for online UPSC coaching:
Nowadays there are many online platforms mushroomed all over the internet for providing coaching and training for the students who are aspiring to crack the UPSC and IAS examination. Among that unacademy is one of the India’s largest learning platform for all types of exam preparations.
Unacademy is an online learning app which provides a lot of content and courses for UPSC and IAS preparation. It provides paid as well as free IAS and UPSC preparation online classes and coaching and offers the best study material and strategy online for free. aAlong with the study material and mock test and mock interviews there are daily and regular updates on current affairs history geography politics and more. Unacademy also offers excellent content and preparation strategy for the students for aspiring to crack IAS and UPSC exams. And along with the strategic preparation offered by the unacademy app when it comes to doubt clearing services they have dedicated mentors and teachers who are there 24 by 7 to help out the students and clear their doubts can provide for the guidance for the studies. Unacademy as a civil service hub provides an overall exam package and the package comes with ample number of books and study materials as well as video lectures and doubt clearing session. Personal assistance and mentoring is also available if needed. While preparing for such prestigious civil services examinations there must be a proper guidance in all the aspects so that aspirants who begin this journey naturally do not find themselves in a dilemma.
Unacademy one of the India’s best online learning platform to prepare for the UPSC IAS examination and all you need is a mobile phone or laptop with an internet connection. The goal of unacademy is to connect UPSC aspirants to the best educator’s and trainers in India and promote the learning experience. For a student who is choosing unacademy there is no need for him to go to the classroom instead unacademy brings the classroom to you as they enable the learners with 24 by 7 access to high quality study material on the smart phones and laptops with one click.
Some of the features unacademy learning app are rounded off as follows:

Unacademy hundreds of courses for UPSC:
Unacademy offer a lot of courses/content for UPSC preparation. There are hundreds of useful courses and also of good quality content from famous educator’s like Roman Saini etc. If students find one course is not suitable for them or they are not understanding a particular topic, they can always switch to some other video lectures as there is lot of content available on unacademy online platform. There are more than 300 educational courses for UPSC CSE available on unacademy. These courses covers all the things an aspirant needs that is static portion, mock tests, revisions and current affairs. You want guidance? Unacademy is your place. You want to clear some concepts and doubts? Rewatch the video lectures here and if still not satisfied, contact the coaches taking up the video lectures.

Tries to cover all the doubts of a beginner:
Unacademy is such online platform which is there to clear out the basics of the students. The mentors there especially work on the basic concepts to build up a stronger foundation or base of the subject. There coaches are available all the time and try to cover all the doubts of a beginner.

Teach you what to focus and what to not :
So while studying for such a huge and revised syllabus of UPSC examination many of the students study those topics which are not that important and leave the topics which are very important for the exam. So the trainers at unacademy online platform teach you what to focus and what to not. They train the students to focus only on the important topics of the syllabus and study each and every detailed aspect.

Live classes and quizzes:
Unacademy also offers students for interactive life sessions and group discussions. Students usually get bored when there is just teaching and learning so taking up new quizzes and group discussions help to improve communication skills of the student as well as is helpful to understand the topic in detail. Live quizzes will help you and harms your information about the topic and secure high scores in the mocks.

Private Discussion forum:
On unacademy there’s a private discussion forum in which the students get the chance to be a part of the peer to peer learning program supervised by the educator and the coaches where any discussion from anyone about the course is always welcome. In these private discussion forums students as well as the educators share their strategies and new techniques to cope up with the studies as well as tips on time management and how to score higher in the exam. Also they prepare strategies for smart gasing and elimination in the exam.

Superlative study material and notes:
Unacademy also provides superlative amount of study material and notes online so that students can learn and practice from them.


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