Ghaziabad is good place for ias preparation. You will find good services for ias preparation in ghaziabad. Infact Delhi is very near to ghaziabad so you can even think of doing ias preparation in Delhi too

So How is ghaziabad for ias preparation?

I must say its a good place 👍. Ias preparation in gaziabad even depends much upon you. How much effort you will put in doing ias preparation v

Shruti Sharma

How is ghaziabad for ias preparation by upsc aspirants ?

To do upsc class if you live in ghaziabad then its good. Why don’t you go to Delhi but? In ghaziabad too you can do ias preparation

Top 10 IAS coaching in Ghaziabad

Overall all how is ghaziabad for ias preparation?

Ghaziabad is average when it comes to ias preparation. Check – best ias coaching in ghaziabad


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