How do I crack IAS in the first attempt while being under any circumstances

How do I crack IAS in the first attempt while being under any Circumstances?

Why is UPSC CSE preparation tough?

We had always heard from people about the UPSC Exams being the toughest exams to crack as it requires a lot of determination and for many, years of practice. “Are the IAS Exams very tough?” The truth is that it is a tough task to crack these exams. But tougher a victory is, one gets more satisfaction on conquering it.

The three stages of UPSC Exams that are UPSC (Level-I) Prelims, UPSC (Level-II) Mains, and UPSC (Level-III) Board Interview get more difficult and challenging as you clear each stage. The syllabus for UPSC Exams is very lengthy and one has to study a wide range of subjects. The success percentage in clearing UPSC Exams is discouraging as it is less than 1%. The selection process of IAS Exam is designed in such a way that only the best candidate from the country is selected. It is clear that the exam is tough to crack, but is not unassailable. With dedication, proper strategy, and direction, one can easily clear the exam. The candidate needs to develop some habits which he needs to follow throughout his preparation duration.

Habits to inculcate for success in UPSC CSE

• Join Similar Interest Communities

The candidate needs to be in a circle and environment where he gets to be around people with common interests. There are many online communities on various social media platforms that one can join to get more updated information and can share their experiences with others in the community.

• Be aware of the syllabus & new updates

You need thorough research about the latest UPSC Syllabus, latest pattern, IAS Books, magazines to study current affairs, and a proper strategy. Basic Books are designed from a grass root level and are hence have a very important role in one’s IAS Exam preparation. Collect proper study material relevant to the syllabus and work on all the smallest details of the syllabus.

• Plan your Schedule

A good schedule is the most necessary thing in IAS preparation as there are intense competition and very low success rate in this field. Out of lakhs of applicants that apply for UPSC every year, very few that are roughly around 600-700 candidates make through it successfully. The preparation must be started well before the exam say around a year before the exam dates. Set a pattern of your study and work accordingly. Make schedules for short spans and follow them strictly because same schedule cannot be followed efficiently for a longer time duration.

• Set your Syllabus targets

Set targets of work to be completed in a time period and analyze that you are successfully doing it. Prepare a planner and note all the things you do and give yourselves enough time for study, solving mock tests and revision of the previously studied topics.

• Test yourself regularly

Solve regular mock tests which must include as many questions as possible with a proper planning so that you cover each and every topic through practice. Get the solved tests checked and mark the incorrect answers so that you can make a list of such questions to be studied again. Many verified and tested books are available in the market, which provide you with previous year question papers. Go through the previous year question papers so that you will get a clear idea of the type of questions asked and what type of questions are repeatedly asked over the years.

• Revise the Concepts more frequently

Once you complete studying a topic, don’t assume that you will remember the topic for months ahead before the exam. The things learnt before a long time, get skipped from a person’s mind after a certain period of time. In order to avoid this, the most important thing that can be helpful is revision. Revise the topics atleast once every 15 days and make thorough notes of the topics you had completed studying.

• Indulge into Confidence building activities for UPSC Board Interview Preparations

Board Interviews are perhaps the toughest part of the complete selection process where you are interviewed by a panel of board members for hours and you need to be very calm, confident and thorough with your knowledge. You will not only be judged for your knowledge but also for your personality. So, confidence building is a very important thing to clear UPSC Board Interviews. For this, engage yourself into activities such as speaking in front of a mirror, public speaking, practicing communication skills, etc. All these activities are very helpful in building your confidence.

• Read Magazines/Newspapers for Current Affairs- Make it a habit

Many people find reading newspapers a boring task and underestimate the knowledge one can get through the newspapers. The newspapers are the best and the cheapest source to know what is happening around us in the world. The section of current affairs is one of the most important sections in the UPSC paper. Many business magazines, magazines on new innovations, etc are also available very easily which can help you improve your current affairs knowledge.

• Get rid of Myths regarding IAS preparations

There are many myths surrounding UPSC Exams one of which is that clearing the exam in first attempt is not possible. But trust me it is. One needs to filter the facts and myths around this subject and work accordingly.

• Develop Self belief

Many a times, there are situations where a person gets de-motivated and can start to doubt over himself that he will not be able to cope up with the difficulty level of the IAS Exams. At such times, a question arises in mind, “How do I crack UPSC CSE in the first attempt while being under any circumstances?” Remember one thing, there are people who achieve this goal even after facing a lot of difficulties which may be financial or a problem of not getting proper guidance. There are people who crack IAS Exams even without joining any Coaching Institute for guidance. You just need to believe yourself that you are capable of achieving anything with you hard work and dedication.

Optional Subject Choice- An Important decision

Choose your optional subject very wisely as this can greatly affect your final result. Select a subject of which you are very confident and fond of. This will help you make your preparation easier and do wonders.

So, yes it is really possible to clear the UPSC CSE exam in the first attempt but a proper mindset and a positive approach & motivation is must.

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