How are BYJU’S classes (tablet and regular) for UPSC and IAS exams?

BYJUS classes for UPSC  – IAS Coaching Center

UPSC civil services and IAS exam is one of the most challenging and toughest competitive exams but with right preparation and consistent studies one can be able to crack these exams easily.

nowadays there there are many online platforms available on the internet for cracking these exams and undoubtedly byju’s is one of those. byju’s is an online learning app which provides a lot of content and courses for UPSC and IAS provides paid as well as free IAS and UPSC preparation online classes and coaching and offers the best study material and strategy online for free.along with the study material and mock test and mock interviews there are daily and regular updates on current affairs history geography politics and more.byju’s also offers excellent content and preparation strategy for the students for aspiring to crack IAS and UPSC exams.

along with the strategic preparation offered by the byju’s when it comes to doubt clearing services they have dedicated mentos and teachers who are there 24 by 7 to help out the students and clear their doubts can provide for the guidance for the studies.

How is Byju’s IAS for UPSC CSE Preparation?

Byju’s as a civil service hub provides an overall exam package and the package comes with ample number of books and study materials as well as video lectures and doubt clearing session. personal assistance and mentoring is also available if needed. while preparing for such prestigious civil services examinations there must be a proper guidance in all the aspects so that aspirants who begin this journey naturally do not find themselves in a dilemma. While preparing for exams there are many questions in the mind of students like how should I start my preparation, how do I choose an optional is one year really enough to clear this exam and so on. So many of the students waste that time in finding answers to such questions.

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But for this the byju’s IAS study material PDF and IAS notes online have launched a website which brings all together the latest and current affairs and trending news topics and video best lectures as well as the exam strategies for preparation. The study material on this website has been made in respect to the UPSC IAS syllabus so that the candidates get clarity on the tap topics and prepare for their exam in a better way. during the journey of preparation an IAS aur UPSC aspirant have to keep up with the developments in the current affairs all through the international development and the field of science technology politics and also should be aware of the latest government initiatives and welfare schemes.

Details of Byjus Tablet and Regular UPSC CSE Classes

Along with that byju’s app also launches a new news magazine every month which becomes an ideal way to deal with the current affairs and prepare for the segment in UPSC exam. The magazine not only features current affairs and news but also at the end gives 150 sample questions for UPSC prelims and main exams. The candidates just need to download the magazine PDF and start reading about the news and current affairs. Now when we come to byju’s tablet learning classes there are above 500 + hours of classes uploaded by the best team of IAS teachers and guides preloaded in the tablet. Along with the online video lectures there is proper study plan and phase wise test at regular intervals in the tablet so that there is thorough preparation of students for the exam.there are no language barriers in the byju’s tablet learning as the highest tablet course is available both in English as well as Hindi. For each chapter there are four about 250 plus chapter wise test with analysis and answer key provided.also there are 16 all India test with 2 full length test taken by over than 20000 students across India.

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Proper mentoring is the ladder for the success therefore there is one by one mentoring of every topic every student by the experts and the trainees which can help to solve your doubts about the examination and preparation. do IAS and UPSC preparation through byju’s tablets is a convenient way of learning at one’s own pace but it also helps the aspirants to build a strong foundation and n sure about the examination for the Civil Services. there is a perfect revision lectures of each and every topic in the syllabus which simplifies the syllabus of IAS exam preparation. wrong with the chapter wise test with analysis and mock interviews there are weakly web minaz which covers most of the current affairs and important issues in today’s news.

About BYJU’S classes Table Course for IAS and UPSC

The tablet program covers all the topics of UPSC and IAS syllabus comprehensively and there is also mentoring helpline for guidance at every step of the preparation. Byju’s IAS stud material covered by the tablet includes politics and governance history geography economy and environmental awareness and many more.There are many benefits of doing IAS and UPSC preparation on tablet like expert faculty for the best IAS and UPSC preparation, anytime and anywhere, exclusive mentorship program also the preparation strategy tailored for you current affairs, coverage special focus on important topics, test series visualisation of concepts and many more. where is byju’s online classes and regular lectures gives you a well planned route map to crack the upcoming UPSC and IAS exam. also the best part of IAS coaching at byju’s IAS academy is that the candidates can avail online and offline classes as per their presidents and time.

Benefits of BYJU’S tablet and regular classes:

Byju’s app and regular classes helps to give you maximum benefits like civil services syllabus, IAS eligibility applying online for UPSC, previous year question papers NCERT notes UPSC calendar UPSC notifications and daily news analysis.the quality of teaching staff and trainers is very important while studying online or offline so byju’s offers one of the best quality teachers who are clear about what they have to teach the students and how. This is followed by a dedicated support team of byju’s trainees who ensure that candidates can bring out their queries one by one and get their problems solved. Byju’s also ensure that all the parameters of the students are fulfilled in one of the top IAS in UPSC coaching centres.


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