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The Indian Administrative Services is a high and esteemed post everyone wants to stand on. Many people give the exam of UPSC- IAS, they aspire to clear it and achieve their dream goal. It is the toughest competitive exam in India and it gets many candidates each year because of its popularity and prestigiousness.

Best History Optional IAS Coaching in Mumbai 

In the list of the most popular optional subjects, History is at a different place. History is one of the most popular optional subjects chosen by the aspirants of IAS exams. Many of the topics of history are also included in the general studies papers of IAS mains and preliminary exam. Which means you cover the syllabus of three papers at the same time. The candidates choose history wisely and the past your results of the candidates with History as an optional subject gives them confidence. History is a theoretical subject with some facts and data for learning and understanding which you need proper guidance.

List of top-ranked IAS Coachings for History optional in Mumbai

If you get enrolled in the top IAS coaching in Mumbai it will give you a push force in enhancing your performance in the mains examinations. You can go through our ranking list and select the best IAS coaching for your optional subject studies in Mumbai.

We are providing you a list of the best IAS coachings in Mumbai where you can pursue your study of History as an optional subject in the IAS mains exam.

First in the List of Best History optional IAS Coaching in Mumbai is

Rank 1. Plutus IAS Coaching in Mumbai

The Plutus IAS academy in Mumbai can be proved very useful for the preparation of history. They have a professional team of history teachers who explains you history very easily, you will never face any kind of toughness while studying.

The teachers will provide you the pointwise notes of all the facts and event dates of History. You will learn history syllabus as if it is a piece of cake for you.

Best Online IAS Coaching

Contact Details

Address: Online IAS Coaching

Contact Number: +91 844 844 0231

IAS Course Fees: Rs. 40,000 + GST

Batch Size: 35 – 40 Students

IAS Preparation Notes: History Notes, History Exam Preparation Booklets, UPSC History Notes, Video Lectures, Live Classes with faculty, Chat Facility Available

IAS Faculties History: Dr Anshul Bajpayee, PHD History BHU

IAS Coaching Results:

Last 3 Years Result

  • 70 Total Selections with 4 in Top 10 All
  • 35 Total Selections with 5 in Top 20 All
  • 34 Total Selections with 3 in Top 20 All

IAS Coaching Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

Website: http://www.plutusias.com/

Second in the List of Best History optional IAS Coaching in Mumbai is

Rank 2. The Hindu zone IAS Coaching in Mumbai

The faculty of the Hinduzone IAS academy in Mumbai has a vision of turning each student into the brilliant one. They will guide you such that you clear the exams at ease. They will share updated study materials along with the inclusion of all the current and past events with you. Their weekly online doubt clearing sessions will help you a lot.

Best IAS Coaching

Contact details

Address- Online Coaching
Contact Number- 8800222298, 0120 4160241
Fee structure Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 1,50,000
Batch Size 35 – 40 Students

Third in the List of Best History optional IAS Coaching in Mumbai is

Rank 3. Yojna IAS Coaching in Mumbai

The Yojana IAS coaching institute in Mumbai has occupied a position in the list of best IAS coachings in Mumbai because of its ratings and reviews by the students on Google and just dial. The past year results of this coaching are also remarkable. The faculty members will monitor you throughout session and will guide you in between each time you face any kind of difficulty. They will make history learning a toy of kids. You will start taking interest in the subject, and never think that it is tough to score good in history. Once you start studying here you start loving history.

Contact details

Address- Online IAS Coaching
Contact Number-  6212542147, 5648523574
Fee structure Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 1,50,000
Batch Size 30 -35 Students

Rank 4. A. A. Shah’s IAS Coaching in Mumbai

Students are always in search of a coaching institute which makes them fall in love with the subject they want to study. They always want their mentors to can their confidence developed. Specially the students are much concerned about their marks in the optional subjects of the IAS Mains examination, as the two peoples of the optional subjects are the most scoring papers of the mains exam.

A. A. Shah’s IAS coaching institute in Mumbai makes the candidates mentally prepared for attempting history paper as the questions may be tricky and confusing. The teachers make your base strong and clear each and every topic so that no doubt remain.

If you want to join the most esteemed coaching center then A.A. Shah’s IAS Coaching institute is the one you should join.

Contact details

Address:- Ahfajo House, 22 Rustom Sidwa, Marg, Rustom Sidhwa Marg, next to Residency Hotel, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001, India
Phone: +91 90040 78746

Rank 5. ALS IAS Coaching in Mumbai

You cannot get a better place than the ALS IAS Coaching Institute in Mumbai for the preparation of history as an optional subject for the IAS mains examination. Here you get a perfect study environment required for learning history. The ALS IAS Coaching Institute in Mumbai stands on a good rank according to the reviews of students. The teachers follow a new strategy and plan for teaching history so that the aspirants can learn it easily.

Institute Rank is providing you all the contact details of The ALS IAS Coaching institute.

Contact details

Address:- XIE Center for Advanced Learning Xavier Institute of Engineering, opposite S.L.Raheja Hospital, Mahim West, Mahim, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Phone: +91 81693 16603


Rank 6. Dronacharya IAS Coaching in Mumbai

The Dronacharya IAS academy in Mumbai is well known for its teaching method of History subject. They make you do the practice of answer writing and summarizing points. Institute Rank has mentioned the Dronacharya IAS academy in the list of top IAS coaching centres in Mumbai after making a complete study of its reviews and ratings on Google, by the past year’s students. The Dronacharya IAS coaching institute in Mumbai keeps its batch sizes small so that the teacher-student interaction goes well. For getting enrolled here for studying History subject you can contact on the given address and contact number.

Contact details

Address:-A-302, 3rd Civic Centre, MMGS Marg, Dadar East, Mumbai, 400014, India
Phone: +91 81086 99090

Rank 7. Lakshya IAS Coaching in Mumbai

Students always want to take admission to the coaching institute which makes them concentrate on the studies and help them to remove all the stress. The Lakshya IAS Coaching Institute in Mumbai is the same. Its qualified staff will always guide the students with the studies and along with that, it will take care of the students. The faculty make sure that none of the students is in stress aur under the pressure of the examination. the teachers at Lakshya IAS Coaching Institute in Mumbai and available 24 × 7 for the students and their doubts. They always look forward to solving the queries of the students in an easy way and make the students comfortable with the answer writing.

Contact details

Address:- 6th floor, Shree Samarth Plaza, Unit No-601/602, RRT Rd, Mulund West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400080, India
Phone: +91 99875 79570

Rank 8. Paradigm IAS Coaching in Mumbai

The Paradigm IAS coaching institute in Mumbai is trusted for its History classes. Your dream of becoming an IAS officer can surely get fulfill if you have taken the guidance of the experienced faculty here. The teachers have a good knowledge of history and its question paper. They tell you the complexity of the questions and easy answers.

Studying History as an optional subject in Paradigm IAS Coaching institute will make your way to a good rank in the final results much easier.
Institute Rank has fetched out the contact details for you which we are giving below.

Contact details

Address:-Harvard Hall, Transit Hotel, Near Domestic Airport, Off Nehru Road, Vile-Parle East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400058, India
Phone: +91 84118 93043


Frequently asked questions on best History optional IAS coaching

Q. What is the fee structure of the top-ranked IAS coaching in Mumbai?

Ans. There are various academies that teach history for the IAS mains exam.
The fee of the top IAS coachings lies in between ₹70,000-₹1,50,000

Q. Why history is a popular optional subject for the IAS mains exam?

Ans. History is one of the most popular optional subjects for the IAS mains exam.
The reasons for its popularity are:
• The topics of History as an optional subject covers a large portion of General Studies papers of both, preliminary and mains exam.
• It is an interesting subject to study
• Sufficient study material is available
• There are no formulae and tough concepts in History

Q. Which is the best IAS coaching in Mumbai to prepare for History?

Ans. The best coaching institutes which offer classes of history are:
1. The Plutus IAS Academy
2. The Hinduzone IAS Academy
3. The Yojna IAS Academy
4. The A.A. Shah’s IAS coaching institute
5. The ALS IAS coaching institute


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