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Dr. Lakshmaiah IAS Study Circle – IAS Coaching in Hyderabad

Dr. Lakshmaiah IAS Study Circle – Top IAS Coaching in Hyderabad

Dr. Lakshmaiah IAS Study Circle is one of the well-known centers for IAS coaching in Hyderabad. From its inception, the founders have developed methods to consistently improve the standard of the institute and in-turn help the aspirants to achieve their goals.
The institute was formed mainly to help students from less fortunate socio-sconomic background
They have been improving further according to the needs of time involving experienced an well-equipped faculty to cater to the needs of the students. Through such constant efforts, they are able to establish their presence in various parts of Andhra and Telengana.

Dr Lakshmaiah IAS Study Circle

Courses Offered in The IAS Mentors In Hyderabad – Best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad

The institute is one of the exclusive institutes for those who take Anthropology as one of their optional subjects.
The courses offered extend from UPSC prelims to final full set course and also courses pertaining to Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission Groups 1 and 2 and Telengana State Public Service Commission Groups 1 and 2.
One of their course materials which is exemplary would be the Prelims Revision Module(PRM) which is an exclusive study material for those who are preparing for UPSC prelims exam. The module consists of 15,000+ MCQs through which the candidates can assess themselves before appearing for the prelims exam.
The main training course for both Prelims and Finals is a one year plan which enables the student to holistically study for a complete year and complete guidance is given end to end.
They have also introduced a 75 days action plan for UPSC prelims and the plan encompasses a rigorous methodology to ace the prelims exams.
Besides these, the institute also offers a degree with civil services program which is essentially a BA program but also includes the IAS coaching in their curriculum.
Overall the courses offered are of high quality and the special course for Anthropology as an optional remains to be top notch.

Course Material – Best UPSC Coaching in Hyderabad

The course material is taken exclusively from the NCERT syllabus.
The material is carefully compiled by the authors and published with extensive care to questions of the previous years.
Besides the basic syllabus, crash course materials and MCQs are also available with them for further reference.
They are available in both English and Telugu language which is highly advantageous to the speakers of the native language.
One of the highlighting features in their course material would be ‘Mind Mapping’ wherein certain Historical facts are taught by using the Mind Mapping technique.
Various kinds of reference videos and Mock Interviews are also available for the students to refer.

Faculty – Top UPSC Coaching in Hyderabad

The faculty is one of the backbone resources of any training institute. The coaching center has in house many faculty who are of high quality and with great teaching experience.
Dr. Lakshmaiah is one of the main faculties in the institute and is one of the most sought after for his expertise in Anthropology.
Overall, the teacher student relationship is good and the faculty are prompt in coming to class and giving notes .
Great guidance is given by the faculty in order to facilitate the holistic development of the student.

Infrastructure – Best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad

The Institute is located in one of the prime locations of Hyderabad. It has classrooms of about 250 seating capacity and is well equipped with long and neat boards, good quality speakers, good chairs and so on. Projectors for displays and presentations are also available. The rooms are not air conditioned and some feel some facilities like provision of quality food is lacking.

Assessments and Seminars – Top UPSC Coaching in Hyderabad

Continuous assessments are there in the institute and the test scores are monitored by the faculty and the management and are reviewed with the students for further improvement.
In addition to regular tests, seminars are also being taken up by experts in the field. This helps the students to get a better understanding about the exams, the approach and so on.
Regular debates are also conducted between the students in order to inculcate better understanding.

Online Presence – Top IAS Coaching Centers in Hyderabad

The Institute has started taking online courses for the students who do not prefer a classroom course. The materials are made available online both in Telugu and in English.
The current scenario has also posed a threat for classroom courses and the institute has been adapting to the changes.
Besides online material, they also have online test material. The online test series is available in their website which can be taken up by students from anywhere they are comfortable. Some test series are available free of cost and post which they are charged and are available at a cost of Rs.5000
The 75 day prelims action plan is one which has to be taken up online.
They seem to be adapting more to the online style of teaching and are yet to improve in some ways.

Achievements – Top IAS Coaching in Hyderabad

The institute has provided a few rank holders from the beginning, its most important achievement being in 2018 where a student secured an AIR-07. Even after that some students have made it to the top ranks of the UPSC.
They attribute their success to Anthropology which is an exclusive course offered as a optional course.
Their unique program of Degree with Civil services is one of their achievements and as helped many students.

Other Resources – Best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad

The institute has also access to other resources like Rajya Sabha TV, Lok Sabha TV, All India Radio Live and so on. The Institute has also partnered with The Hindu Newspaper to form a Civil Services Aspirants forum that regularly conducts many programs to create awareness among the IAS aspirants. The motivation and tips that the dignitaries give are generally useful for the students.
In addition to this, they have partnered with many other universities like the Horticultural university, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation to bring out many similar programs that are aimed towards the welfare of the students.
The Institute is also associated to various Government Schemes to provide coaching to economically backward students who are also meritorious in their studies.
Overall, the institute proves to be excellent in the Courses, Content and the Faculty
They need to improve upon the infrastructure facilities and also provide more online presence and adapt to the online ecosystem by implementing more test series.

Contact Details of Dr.Lakshmaiah IAS Study Circle In Hyderabad

Address:  Door Number:1-10-233/B, , Street No. 1,Sub-Registrar Office Road , Hyderabad,  Pin code- 500020
Contact Number 040-27671427
Website: www.drpvlakshmaiah.com

Top IAS Coaching in Hyderabad

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