Can We Clear Judiciary Exam Without Coaching?


Can We Clear Judiciary Exam Without Coaching?

yes you can clear the exam without coaching if you follow the dedicated discipline and if you have right good notes.

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How to prepare well for judiciary exam?

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Can we Clear Judiciary Exam without Coaching?

It completely depends on the candidates. If you are finding it difficult to understand concepts in Judiciary Exam , then it is suggested to take up  Judiciary coaching. You can easily crack the exam with a high score through the best Judiciary Exam coaching like


How can I clear my judiciary without coaching?

  1. Materials for Civil Judge Exam you can take from
  2. Scheme of Examination refer regulary
  3. Syllabus of Judiciary Exam.
  4. Books and important material for Judiciary Exam.
  5. Methods for Judiciary Preparation
  6. Practice for testing your preparation.
  7. Conclusion.

What is the best coaching for judiciary in india?

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How many hours a judiciary aspirant should study?

If you want to attempt other state judiciary exams as well, you need approximately 4000-5000 hours, which is 3 hours per day and 25 days per month. can help you in boosting up your judiciary exam preparation from short term courses.

Starting your preparation for Judiciary exam as early as possible will give you time to manage college activities, exams, internships, etc.

Judiciary exam preparation coaching help
Judiciary exam preparation coaching help

How do I prepare for a judicial service without coaching?

Here are the steps for you to study for judicial post.

  1. First of all, choose for which Exam or Post you want to prepare.
  2. Check when will the next Judiciary exam be held.
  3. Get the syllabus for Judiciary exam.
  4. Get the best books of Judiciary from and  to learn from. If possible, don’t read online. Purchase the books and read without any distraction.
  5. In Judiciary Exam Learn topic wise and complete the one topic you started before hoping to another topic.
  6. The best method to learn is by writing in Judiciary Exam . Do as much questions as you can.
  7. Get in touch with someone or an Individual who has cleared the Judicary exam that you want to prepare for.

How to prepare for Judiciary Exam without doing Coaching?

Write down the list of subjects on a paper in judicary exam. Read and try to memorize parts and sections of all bare acts. Focus mainly on high weightage subjects test in judiiary ecam like Constitution, IPC, CPC, CrPC, TOPA first and put small subjects between these subjects. For mains – try to wrote down main topics of every subject before your start reading it and during those readings try to make Notes of max 3 pages (with three four landmark case laws basic) on those topics and keep them safely as you will have to refer them later too for revision. Read full bare act and don’t skip any section. Read reference books only if u have doubt in any concept or while making notes for mains. (notes of three pages max). Keep big and small bare acts alternatively to maintain your interest in this exam. Keep a daily goal and weekly goals so that you get sense of achievement and fulfillment and motivation to carryon. Keep revising old bare acts and notes on weekends. For refreshing. Focus for mains and find frequently asked topics from previous year unsolved question books by Singhals publication. Buy some mcqs book to check your bare act knowledge at the end of bare act reading. Check and to get best notes Also check with website Your can also make Notes from youtube videos as they give great gist and explanations on any topic you want. Read Bare Acts thouroghly.


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