Best IAS Coaching In South Delhi

UPSC board is held in charge of conducting the UPSC(Union Public Service Commission) Examination, for the recruitment of the students for the training of Civil Service posts in India. The exam is one tough nut to crack. The vastness of the syllabus and also the level of the paper, makes it one hell ride of preparation for the UPSC aspirants.

South Delhi is a district in the Delhi city. The district has a land mass of 250 km square. The entire Delhi is famous for having exceptional quality of coaching institutes. Students in Delhi, can buckle up with the preparations for any entrance examinations at their city itself.

In this article, I will be ranking the best IAS coaching institutes in South Delhi. There should be no mistakes made, when selecting a coaching institute for the preparation of such important examination. I have taken many aspects into consideration, like batch size, faculty members, facilities offered to the students, IAS exam study material, past year results and few other aspects.

IAS Preparation In South Delhi

The UPSC exam preparation differs for every student. The first thing you would have to do is, go through the entire syllabus for the exam. Find out, all the topics, that you can start with, like them, don’t like them and those, which are tough for you.

Based on the segregation you do, start with the don’t like topics. You would have to start with the topics which you don’t like, because, you cannot keep them until the end. It will simply get tougher, and you would lose interest to learn the topic, as the days appear to give the exam.

Expanding your awareness about the recent news, can be done by, reading magazines, journals and articles. Questions on recent activities appear in the paper, so you don’t want to lose your marks here.

Simultaneously, try to get acquainted with English Language. Communication is the key aspect, for the qualification of UPSC interview. Though, it is not only about communication, but still, learning language, not only improves your vocabulary and makes you more understandable, but also, makes you more curious to learn new things, which is a good way of personality development, a very important quality needed in any government service post.

Top IAS Coaching Institutes In South Delhi

First In The List Of Top IAS Coaching Institutes In South Delhi Is

1) Plutus IAS Coaching In South Delhi

The consummate syllabus is truncated short and defined to the college students in the most copacetic and most expeditious ways.

Every element about upcoming exams, the incipient pattern, the syllabus and all such diminutive print is furnished to the students earlier than hand.

Each batch do no longer exceed students limit of 20-30, so, they can fixate on every student, which make the classes more interactive.

Contact Details –

Address: C-59 Sector 2 Noida , Near sector 15 metro station opposite to Priyagold building
Contact No: 8448440231
Email: [email protected]

Second In The List Of Top IAS Coaching Institutes In South Delhi Is

2) Thehinduzone Coaching In South Delhi

Study material which is easy to read and understand.

Live sessions are recorded, so no student misses out the lecture.

The video and the audio quality of the lectures provided online are in HD.

Highly experienced and skilled mentors.

Contact Details –

Contact Number:  8800222298
Email: [email protected]
Address: C-59 Sector 2 Noida , Near sector 15 metro station opposite to Priyagold building , Below HTC

Third In The List Of Top IAS Coaching Institutes In South Delhi Is

3) Yojna IAS Coaching In South Delhi

Carefully selected best study material provided to the students, which help them save their precious time and also learn the syllabus faster and better.

Live interactive classes, that helps to solve the doubts of the students then and there itself.

The class are recorded and provided to the students later, which help students not to miss any of the classes.

Personal attention on the student, to make sure no student is left behind with their preparation for the exam.

Contact Details –

Contact No: 8448440231
Email: [email protected]

Fourth In The List Of Top IAS Coaching Institutes In South Delhi Is

4) Vajiram & Ravi Coaching In South Delhi

Excellent infrastructure, classrooms with A.C’s and also excellent library.

Every topic are covered individually, by the test series provided by the coaching institution.

Classes specially, only for completing the given quizzes and assignments.

Structured and in-depth study material.

Contact Details –

Address: 9-B, Bada Bazar Rd, Old Rajinder Nagar, Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110060
Contact No: 1141007400
Email: [email protected]

Fifth In The List Of Top IAS Coaching Institutes In South Delhi Is

5) Vajirao & Reddy Institute In South Delhi

Best study material to go through, which provides better understanding to the candidates.

Doubt clearance classes are provided within the time frame of 24 hours.

The teaching faculty at the coaching institute are friendly and are quite knowledgeable.

Contact Details –

Address: 19/1A, Nangia Park Chowk, near Delhi University, Block 19, Shakti Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110007
Contact No: 9999458938

Sixth In The List Of Top IAS Coaching Institutes In South Delhi Is

6) Drishti The Vision Foundation In South Delhi

After every concept, a small test is conducted, to test the memory of the students, and help them re-learn if they fail to score in the test.

Every topic is taught from the basic, in case anyone doesn’t understand, they try teaching the topic in, even more simpler way.

Contact Details –

Address: 1st 641, opp. Signature View Apartment, Mukherjee Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110009
Contact No: 8750187501

Seventh In The List Of Top IAS Coaching Institutes In South Delhi Is

7) Rau’s IAS Study Circle In South Delhi

Unique strategies are executed, that helps student nurture the topics better.

Rigorous coaching, and personal attention given to every student.

The mock tests series access is provided to the students.

Contact Details –

Address: 309 Kanchenjunga Building, 18, Barakhamba Rd, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001
Contact No: 1123317293

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