Best IAS Coaching in Vijayawada

When you are looking out for the Best IAS Coaching in Vijayawada to join immediately, there are a lot of choices and you will be in confusion to pick one. However, we have listed the top-notch institutes that one should never miss out on. Here you will know everything about the top IAS coaching centres in Vijayawada. By the end of this article, you will definitely come to a conclusion about choosing the right institute without any doubts.

The IAS (Indian Administrative Service) is considered, the premier civil service of India. This is also considered one of the toughest to crack in exams and interviews. The exams are conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) to recruit newer candidates into the services.

There are three stages of examinations for civil services and a candidate must pass all of them to be an officer in civil services like IAS, IRS, IFS. The first stage of the UPSC examinations is known as civil services preliminary. It is an exam conducted for 400 marks in objective type answers in the form of two papers. The Paper-I consists of general studies subjects, such as history, geography, polity, science, environment, etc. The Paper-II consists of Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT), which comprises comprehension, interpersonal skills, decision making, basic numeracy, etc. The preliminary test or stage – 1 helps the UPSC to shortlist candidates for the main examination.

The second stage of civil services examination is Civil services main examination. The candidates who are shortlisted in the first round are eligible to appear in this round of examination. The candidates who qualify in this test of 9 papers are called for an interview which is stage three of the civil services examination.

The third stage of civil services which is also called personality test defines the career prospect of a candidate in civil services. The candidates are allotted IAS or IRS or IFS based on their performance in all the three stages of the examination.

Many aspire to become an IAS and finally a few tries to be one. They toil hard for months and years to prepare for the exams. Delhi is considered to be the destination for the study of civil services. It is considered, Delhi is equipped with the best coaching classes and the well-trained tutors. A student must be guided in the right direction. This can only be done by a right faculty who engages with the students not only in teaching them, subjects but also in motivating them and boosting their confidence up, giving them insights and tips.

So, for a student, it is a major aspect to choose the right coaching class to reach their dream destination career-wise. A student should research, enquire and know all about various coaching institutes and select the best of them. Many students fail to choose a good institute and a bad institute makes them lose their way. An institute that gives them clear cut guidance and easily understandable teaching methods are well recommended. Those institutes tend to make the preparation for the exams easier and better.

Vijayawada, one of the important cities in Andhra Pradesh is also becoming a center for the education of civil services. A number of institutes are coming to the city and the students who are joining them too are increasing. The government of Andhra Pradesh led by Nara Chandrababu Naidu made agreements with few of the institutes to provide free civil services coaching to the deserved candidates who come from poorer backgrounds. There are a lot of institutes and opportunities for a student who wishes to complete civil service preparation in Vijayawada.

We found a few institutes which are the best for civil services coaching classes in Vijayawada. Go through them and choose what suits you best.

Best IAS Coaching in Vijayawada
Best IAS Coaching in Vijayawada

1.Sarat Chandra IAS Academy

Getting to know about the top IAS coaching has never been easier. This IAS Coaching in Vijayawada is surely a place that witnesses a massive influx of aspirants to clear the exams. Students will finely get good coaching for the students and no doubts in passing the exams.

Address: Door no- 40-1-5-, 2nd and 3rd Floor, MG Road, Opposite BSNL office, Benz Circle Vijayawada – 520010

Contact: 9152801978

Advantages of this institute:

This institute is known for the best guidance a student can get from the tutors. It carries a good name for the teaching practices they carry out in the academy. Founded by Sarat Chandra, he is well known for personally mentoring the students while going through their answer papers of the internal exams. His tips for improving the score in the exams are hugely beneficial to students.

Best IAS Coaching in Vijayawada
Best IAS Coaching in Vijayawada

2.Enlight IAS Academy

Here is one institute which you need to know if you are interested in joining the institute to clear IAS exams with top ranks. You have to clear the exams without any doubts. You should certainly take up a course in the institute without any doubts. The staff members in the institute will take complete care and help you to prepare for the IAS exams.

Address: #2B, Help Hospital Road, Opposite Raghavaiah Park, Governerpet, Vijayawada – 520002

Contact: 9533254119

Advantages of this institute:

A student must be knowledgeable of the currents affairs and Indian history in the preparation of civil services. This institute gives the students an idea of what they are lacking and makes them work more on their weak areas. With this type of guidance, the students get to improve well in their weak areas to score better in the exams.

Best IAS Coaching in Vijayawada
Best IAS Coaching in Vijayawada

3.Takshasila IAS Academy

This IAS Coaching in Vijayawada has been named as the top institute by the reviews and ratings it garnered by delivering the best training. Without much thinking, you have to finish up the learning by taking up a course in this IAS Coaching in Vijayawada. When it comes to joining IAS Coaching in Vijayawada, you will be getting good study materials which are very essential for the preparations.

Address: Door No 2B, Nirmala Convent Road, Takshasila Marg, Beside Vasavya Mahila Mandali, Vasavya Nagar, Benz Circle, Vijayawada – 520010

Contact: 9152647855

Advantages of this institute:

Takshasila is an institute well known for its detailed and comprehensive study material. Their materials are considered to be of great value for the students who are preparing for civil services. The standard of education in this institute is said to be on par with the institutes in Delhi which are well renowned in the area of civil services. It is also one of the highest-rated institutes from Vijayawada.

Best IAS Coaching in Vijayawada
Best IAS Coaching in Vijayawada

4.Eklavya IAS Academy

The IAS Coaching in Vijayawada is the fourth place and there have been positive reviews. You should get to know about the features of this coaching centre. With the benefits, the students will prepare for the exams in the best manner. Students will be availing of the right coaching.

Address: House no – 8 – 104, Ground floor, Beside Nagarjuna Hospital, Kanuru, Vijayawada

Contact: 9152806983

Advantages of this institute:

Moral values are the word we remember when we hear about Eklavya IAS Academy. This institute is well known for boosting self-confidence and making the student worthy of success. The faculty in this institute does not make students run for success. Instead, they make sure every student is well equipped with the knowledge and deserve to be successful. They teach students with values to be successful along with the subjects. They make sure every student is confident with what they gain from their education in the institute.

Best IAS Coaching in Vijayawada
Best IAS Coaching in Vijayawada

5.ALC ALS IAS Coaching

This IAS Coaching in Vijayawada has acquired the seventh place in our listing as they are offering great training to each and every student. Most of the students have chosen this institute for the preparation and you can never go wrong while preparing for the exams.

Address: Andhra Loyola College Campus, Lagadapati Rajagopal block, Gunadala, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, 520008

Contact: 98496 52365

Advantages of this institute:

This institute is well known for its faculty who are well versed in their subjects and the guidance of students. There are a lot of students who claimed to be highly benefited from this institute. The teaching procedures and the friendly faculty make this institute stand out from the others. Though students are preparing for competitive examinations, the faculty is said to be the experts in making the students, all-round performers in the examinations.

These are some of the best IAS coaching centers in Vijayawada. Everyone has their own and unique method of teaching and running the institutes to benefit the students. No matter how good an institute is or how good they teach us and guide us, it is the student who needs to deliver finally. The students should work towards building self-confidence with a fearless attitude towards the exams. The attitude of the students makes a big impact on their examinations.

Sixth in the list of top IAS coaching in Vijayawada is

Best IAS Coaching in Vijayawada
Best IAS Coaching in Vijayawada

Rank 6 Pavan Kumar’s IAS Academy Vijayawada

When you have a lot to prepare and there is only less time, you can rely on this institute for sure. Many students have found this institute useful because the staff in the institute has been delivering top notch quality. There are several institutes to start the IAS exam preparations and you have to get the right coaching. This is one institute which provides exceptional IAS coaching to the students. Many features have been incorporated in this IAS Coaching in Vijayawada and you can join this institute effortlessly.

Contact details

  • Address: 4th floor, Surya Towers, MG Rd, TMC building, Sidhartha Nagar, Labbipet, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh 520010.
  • Phone: 099669 61027
  • Website:
  • Ratings: 4.4 out of 5
  • Works on 77 days a week (9am–10pm )

Seventh in the list of top IAS coaching in Vijayawada is

Best IAS Coaching in Vijayawada
Best IAS Coaching in Vijayawada

Rank 7  Amaravathi IAS Academy in Vijayawada

Amaravathi UPSC coaching centre in Vijayawada is one institute where you can clear the IAS exams easily by taking up a course for the preparations. With many features, the institute offers quality study materials along with continuous preparations.

Contact details

  • Address: #40-7-12/A,Dattas Lord House, 3rd Floor,, Moghalrajpuram Road,Beisde PVP Square,, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh 520010.
  • Phone: 0866 248 0559
  • Website: NA
  • Ratings:  out of 5
  • Works on 7 days a week ( 8am–8pm)

Eighth in the list of top IAS coaching in Vijayawada is

Best IAS Coaching in Vijayawada
Best IAS Coaching in Vijayawada

Rank 8 Kaakatiya Academy in Vijayawada

Kaakatiya IAS Academy in Vijayawada is a place where you can kick-start the IAS preparations without any doubts. Many courses are offered in the institute which will definitely help you to clear the exams with top marks. Students who take up the courses have always found the coaching in the Kaakatiya UPSC coaching centre in Vijayawada, a useful one and you can take up a course without any doubts.

Contact details

  • Address: 40-9/1-3/B, Swetcha Plaza, NH 16 Service Rd, Vasvya Nagar, K P Nagar, Benz Circle, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh 520010.
  • Phone: 0866 247 4126
  • Website: NA
  • Ratings:  4.7 out of 5
  • Works on  days a week ( 8am–1pm, 4pm–8am, Sunday Closed )

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