The best IAS coaching centre in Tirur is easy to find now. We have listed the top-notch institutes where you can commence the IAS preparations without any worries. Moreover, the institutes have the best coaching faculty using which you clear the UPSC exams.

You have to clear the exams and that will be the main focus when you take up a course in the institute. If you are interested in knowing which institute is the best for you, then continue reading and you will eventually know which has the best features that can help you to clear the UPSC exams with more marks.  From study materials to good training, the best UPSC coaching centres in Tirur will have all the facilities. Here are the contenders who try really hard to provide high-quality coaching to the institute. When you are ready to take up the IAS coaching,  the very first thing you have to check is the courses offered in the institutes and the features of the particular in which you are going to join.

Students will have so many confusions when it comes to joining the IAS institutes as there are numerous institutes out there. But, only a few institutes are good enough to provide the right coaching for the UPSC aspirants.  With countless benefits, a few IAS coaching centre in Tirur are doing a great job and you will definitely know about them below as they have a good portfolio to get placed in our ranking.

We always list the institutes after researching well and provide detailed information that will be useful to you. We consider certain factors like ratings, reviews, coaching faculties, facilities, courses offered and more before listing in our ranking. The information available in public will be here so that it will be easier for you to know about the right institute and compare it with other IAS coaching centres in Tirur before you decide to take up a course.

List of the Best IAS coaching in Tirur

First in the list of top IAS coaching in Tirur is

Best IAS Coaching in Tirur
Best IAS Coaching in Tirur

Rank 1 Target IAS Academy  in Tirur

Target UPSC Coaching centre in Tirur is one of the best training institutes in the region. Target UPSC Coaching centre in Tirur has got good ratings and reviews which helped the institute to gain the top place in our ranking. The institute has acquired only positive reviews that showcase the quality of coaching. The rating was above four out of five.

Everything seems perfect and it’s your turn to go for a real-time check for sure. Though there are so many features available, you have to know about them in person. Just try visiting the institute if you are zeroing in this Target UPSC Coaching centre in Tirur. If you are still in doubt, then take a look at the other two institutes to know whether they get your interest. If you do so, then you will certainly find a place that suits you and you can easily clear the UPSC exams for sure.

Contact details

  • Address: Panbazar, Tirur, Kerala 676101, India.
  • Phone: +91 98468 06000
  • Website: NA
  • Ratings:  4.9 out of 5
  • Works on  days a week (9:30AM–4:30PM )

Second in the list of top IAS coaching in Tirur is

Best IAS Coaching in Tirur
Best IAS Coaching in Tirur

Rank 2 Chanakya IAS academy Tirur

Chanakya IAS institute in Tirur has acquired second place in our listing and there are so many reasons to provide this place for Chanakya IAS. However, the ratings and reviews took over everything letting the institute stay atop. Apart from this, there are certain notable features in the Chanakya UPSC coaching centre in Tirur which helps the students to learn nicely. Precise study materials, continuous practice, world-class training, and more features are available in the  Chanakya UPSC Academy in Tirur that actually helps the students to clear the exams easily.

Contact details

  • Ratings: 4.9  out of 5
  • Works on 6 days a week ( 8AM–8PM, Sunday Closed)

Third in the list of top IAS coaching in Tirur is

Best IAS Coaching in Tirur
Best IAS Coaching in Tirur

Rank 3 ACE Institutions UPSC Coaching Centre in Tirur

ACE UPSC Academy in Tirur was established thirteen years ago at Manjer with a team which tirelessly worked to provide quality coaching for the students aspiring to become IAS officials. Moreover, there are other competitive exams for which training is provided in the institutes and the institute has helped more thousand students to get placed in various Government jobs easily.

Advantages of joining ACE UPSC Academy in Tirur

The institute is a decade a old and has hands-on experience in training the UPSC aspirants and they also hold a consistent track record in the previous years. The institute is approved by the Ministry of Minority Affairs as an empanelled coaching centre for IAS training. The institute makes use of a unique and multi-faceted approach. The ACE IAS academy in Tirur has the best teachers who will work tirelessly to provide quality coaching for the students. Some of the facilities like audio-visual lab, reputed institution linkage, high-quality study materials, well-equipped library are definitely going to help you out in the preparations. The tests are conducted continuously and the papers are evaluated strictly so that the teachers will understand how students are grasping the lessons and the teachers will also come up with valuable feedback using which the students can easily clear the exams.

Contact details

  • Ratings: 3 out of 5
  • Works on 7 days a week (9AM–5PM )

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