As students or parents, we are generally caught in confusion like what will be the best way to crack competitive exams. Especially when the competitive exam is a national level and for admission to one of the most prestigious professions in the country it becomes very important for us to make aright decision.

Talking about the NEET examination particularly it is very important for an aspirant to take the right guidance and follow a proper strategy during the preparation time which will ensure them a seat in the renowned medical colleges.


This exam is conducted by national testing agency every year, for the students who want to make careers in the medical field. This exam came into being in the year 2016 replacing all the state exams and AIPMT. Any student who has passed 12th class which subjects Physics, chemistry, and Biology.

This exam demands a lot of dedication determination and consistent hard work. Not only this a proper guidance and a knowledge of tips and trick to clear and exam of such range is very important. Therefore it is vitral to take the proper tests and resolve all your doubts amid your preparation so that on the exam day you emerge with full confidence.

The following are some coaching centers in Mumbai which provide the best NEET coaching for the students.

Wisdom medical Coaching

Wisdom medical coaching is one of the top institutes in Mumbai for NEET coaching. Here the faculties are highly experienced in teaching and partake the right qualification, the faculty members are the finest experts in medical teaching.


The best part is the Study materials and Daily practice tests that make the students learn in detail and gain excellence in knowledge. WISDOM ACADEMY is well-thought-out as one of the Top 10 coaching centers for the NEET entrance exam in Mumbai. They also provide small batches or the Home tuitions make the staff members focus more on the students by providing counsel to the students. Through Assessment, regular monitoring and the tests conducted by this institute help the students to face exams fearlessly and to gain more familiarity with the pattern.

Informatica Institute

This institute is known as one of the finest institutes for NEET coaching in Mumbai. Here in this institute-wide variety of courses are offered like JEE-Mains, JEE-Advanced, NEET, NATA. This institute comes out with a high success rate.

Why Informatica Institute

The faculty members are with suitable education and experience in teaching and are part of IIT and other Top colleges. The institution provides study materials for the students. Live communications are held with the students to solve their problems. A doubt session is also held. You can prepare for your NEET exams sitting at home with the help of the study materials provided by the institution. Informatica Classes is one of the Top 10 coaching centers for the medical entrance exam in Mumbai.

Avanti Learning Institute

Avanti learning institute is one of the chief coaching centers for NEET in Mumbai which has been delivering great results in past.

Why Avanti Learning Institute?

Avanti learning institute conducts a test of seventy-five chapters every week. Regular doubts sessions held doubts are cleared for the students even after the class hours giving an extra edge. Study material with Practice material and question banks are provided by them which is a great help for the children.

Bhatia Medical Institute

This institute was founded in 1996, the main object of this organization is to provide education to students from all over the world. This institution is the foremost institute to give coaching for the NEET-PG medical examination.

Why Bhatia Medical Institute?

Here staff members are the biggest help to the students and assist them to concentrate on the subjects. The faculty members in this institute hold the right degree and have several years of experience in the NEET exam coaching.


Kalrashukla was started in the year 1993. It is one of the oldest coaching institutes in India. The main drive of this institution is to provide quality education to the students. This institute has nearly branches as much as up to twenty-five all over the country.

Why Kalrashukla?

This institute has brought in unexpected results since it was started. This institute is observed as one of the best institutes in Mumbai and all around the country.

Akash Medical Institute

Aakash medical institution is known as the one-stop center to provide best coaching and results for the medical entrance exam.

Why Akash Medical Institute?

It has an unbreakable track record of the past 25 years of its excellence. The faculty members preserve an equal number of ratios with the students to offer the same coaching for the students.

Allen coaching

This institution was established in the year 1988 to deliver the best education to the students who aspire to clear an IIT or medical exam. This institute will be a kick start in your NEET preparation

Lakshay Institute

The faculty members of this institution hold the perfect education and several years of experience in the medical field. This institute is one of the best institutions in Mumbai.

Why Lakshay Institute

This institution is one of the Top 10 coaching centers for the NEET entrance exam preparation in Mumbai. This coaching center can be a great help in your NEET preparation

Sinhal classes

Sinhal classes offer courses for students appearing for ICSE, CBSE, SSC &HSC Board Exams.

Why Sinhal classes?

This institute has approximately fifteen centers and eight specialized courses. This institution is one of the Top coaching centers for the NEET entrance exam preparation in Mumbai. Their result-oriented approach has been beneficial for the children.

Vidyasagar Classes Mumbai

Vidyasagar Classes Mumbai founded in the year 2000, is known for the refined teaching standards

Why Vidyasagar Classes Mumbai?

The highly experienced faculty members put in their best to impart the best possible training in Mumbai. Its acclaim is reflected itself in the institute’s previous years’ result, since its establishment in 2000. This institute one of the Top 10 coaching centers for the NEET entrance exam preparation in Mumbai.

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