Cracking IAS is not everyone’s cup of tea. The Civil Services demands a lot of smartness, regularity, patience, hard work and deep knowledge as well as firm hold in the subjects. Many of the candidates have capability and ability to crack IAS examination but some of them fails to do so due to lack in guidance. And it would be of great help if an individual seeks the best guidance, available and this can be accomplished with the help of best faculties. But choosing right coaching institute can be confusing because in today’s date there are plenty of coaching institutes, promising the best for you. So, after evaluating, comparing, analyzing different number of factors such as, teaching methodology, short keys, standard of questions paper provided, environment provided by the coaching institutes, etc. We have brought detailed review on ALS IAS coaching in Visakhapatnam.

ALS IAS COACHING Visakhapatnam Review

ALS IAS coaching is one of the prestigious coaching for IAS preparation in all over India.


1)General Studies Strategist / Strategist Foundation

General Studies Strategist is an integrated General Studies programme for IAS Main and Preliminary Examinations. The entire programme is especially designed in a way that the knowledge imparted can be pathbreaking for every participant. The specially designed scheme covers the syllabus of all 4 papers of General Studies Main, Essay and Interview as well as both papers of Preliminary Examination. The course plan has especially been developed keeping in mind the needs of learners who are not exposed to the various facets of General Studies as part of their academic curriculum at the graduate and post-graduate levels.


  1. 320+ Sessions of Intensive Learning for General Studies Main Paper I, II, III, IV, Essay, General Studies Prelim & Centre for Advanced and Spatial Technologies »Foundation Lectures are also to Sharpen your Basics
  2. Time-bound Completion is done with Extensive Coverage of the syllabus
  3. Especially Designed Study Material by the specialised faculties.
  4. Frequent class test of both type of Descriptive as well as Multiple
  5. Choice questions are conducted
  6. Module-based Simulated Tests are conducted and Home Assignments are provided by the institutes
  7. 25 Current Affairs Sessions exclusively by Jogo Mathew & Manish Gautam
  8. Intensive Writing Skill and Development Sessions are conducted
  9. 38 Simulated Tests on General Studies Preliminary test are conducted
  10.  Union Public Service Commission Compatible Evaluation is also done


Project Director: Shashank
Programme Director: Sachin Arora

Geography at ALS academy is recognised throughout India for excellence of its teaching methods. It is one of the most highly rated courses that we offer. For over two decades ALS IAS academy has evolved the subject, Geography as a leading Optional choice for Civil Services Examination. The course is specially designed to promote accelerated learning and it supports the candidate not only to emerge as a master of Geography but as a master of oneself too.

  1. Minimum 300 hours of Intensive Learning is provided
  2. Time-bound Completion of course with Extensive Coverage
  3. Meticulously Designed Study Material by specialised faculties
  4. Integrated Theme-based Learning helps in gaining knowledge
  5. Intensive Writing Skill Development Sessions are conducted
  6. Map Drawing Skill Development Sessions are conducted
  7. Regular Audio-Video Presentations are shown
  8. Regular Tests for Mains are conducted
  9. UPSC Compatible Evaluation is done

3)Public Administration

By Ajay Srivastava
Programme Director: Manoj Kumar Singh

Public Administration programme is a comprehensive and balanced learning programme that blends the theoretical dimensions of Paper I with the applied aspects of Paper II. It has been designed keeping in mind the increasing relevance and influence of the discipline in the rapidly changing societal environment. The programme is meant for all those who are curious to learn and improve upon the expanse of their understanding of the system of which they are part.

  1. Minimum 300 hours of Intensive Learning is provided by the coaching institute
  2. Time-bound Completion of the course with Extensive Coverage
  3. Thoroughly Designed Study Material by specialised faculties is also provided
  4. Integrated Theme-based Learning helps in gaining knowledge
  5. Intensive Writing Skill Development Sessions are conducted
  6. Map Drawing Skill Development Sessions are conducted
  7. Regular Audio-Video Presentations are shown
  8. Regular Tests for Mains are conducted
  9. UPSC Compatible Evaluation is done.


By Ranjana Subberwal and other Experts

  1. 300+ hours of Intensive Learning
  2. Extensive coverage of the syllabus
  3. Emphasis on complete understanding and conceptual clarity
  4. Development of analytical abilities
  5. Focus on contemporary issues and case studies
  6. Meticulously Designed Study Material
  7. Unit-wise Tests and weekly assignments
  8. Special focus on answer writing
  9. Improvisation based on regular feedback


Faculty name- Alok S.Jha and Pannkaj Siingh

  1. 250+ hours of Intense Learning
  2. Foundation Lectures to sharpen your basics
  3. Time-bound completion with extensive coverage
  4. Meticulously designed study material
  5. UPSC compatible evaluation
  6. Intensive Writing Skill Development Sessions
  7. Review of Previous Years Question Papers

6)Political Science

Faculty name-  C.K. Singh and other Experts

  1. Frequent tests of Mains
  2. UPSC compatible evaluation
  3. State of art classroom

7)Kannada Literature

Faculty name- Dr Shivkumara

  1. A complete learning programme
  2. 200+ hours of Intense Learning
  3. Time bond completion with extensive coverage
  4. Frequent tests of Mains
  5. UPSC compatible evaluation
  6. State of art classroom


Faculty name-  Thirumurugan A and Kavitha K

  1. Anthropology is the study of what makes us human i.e., the study of man.
  2. It has a subject with very short syllabus, highly scoring owing to its scientific nature.
  3. Anthropology deals with both biological and sociological aspects of humans. Hence, this subject is ideal for student from any background.
  4. Metric level science knowledge is sufficient and necessary to understand the biological part of Anthropology.

Course highlights

  1. 300+ hours of intensive learning is provided
  2. Time bound completion with extensive coverage is done
  3. Simplified explanation of theories and concepts is done by the institute
  4. Regular audio visual presentation
  5. Regular tests for mains are conducted
  6. Intensive answer writing skill development sessions are conducted
  7. UPSC compatible evaluation is done
  8. Thoroughly designed syllabus is provided


  1. Scholarship is also provided by the institutes
  2. Mock tests are conducted periodically
  3. Hostel facility is also available for the candidates
  4. Motivational sesssions


ALS IAS, 43-9-136, 2nd Floor TSN Tower opposite to SBI, above Yamaha Showroom, Donadaparthy, Visakhapatnam – 530016.


9666728989, 9014422288

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